How The Jews Have Repaid America and Its People For Giving Them Safe Refuge From A World That Hates Them
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Chapter Three
Financial Interests Dictates American Foreign Policy:

U.S. Congressional Record, Thursday, June 15, 1933 (legislative day of Wednesday, June 14) Hon. Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania: "Financial Interests Should Not Dictate Foreign Policy of United States Government."

Mr. McFadden. "Mr. Speaker, I doubt if the history of the relations between this country and Russia is known to every American citizen. It may not be considered amiss, therefore, if I dwell for a few moments on our past relations with that strange and interesting country. To do so it will be necessary for me to go back to the late eighties and the early nineties of the last century, when the United States was turning the corner and becoming rich and powerful. At that time a man named Jacob Schiff came to this country as the agent of certain foreign money lenders. His mission was to get control of American railroads. This man was a Jew. He was the son of a rabbi. He was born in one of the Rothschilds' houses in Frankfort, Germany. He was a small fellow with a pleasant face and, if I remember correctly , his eyes were blue. At an early age he set out from Frankfort to seek his fortune and went to Hamburg, Germany. At Hamburg he entered the Warburg banking establishment. The Warburgs of Hamburg are bankers of long standing, with branches in Amsterdam and Sweden. After Schiff had served his time with them he went to London and worked with their London correspondents. He was also connected with the firm of Samuel Montagu & Co., the London gold merchants. When he came to this country he was well equipped to do business as an international money changer. He knew how to be polite, he could write a smooth letter, and he always pretended to be a man of holiness and a philanthropist.

Sometime before Schiff's arrival there was a firm of Jewish peddlers or merchants in Lafayette, Ind., by the name of Kuhn & Loeb. I think they were there about 1850. Probably they made money out of the new settlers who passed through Indiana on their way to the Northwest. This firm of Jews had finally moved to New York and had set themselves up as private bankers and had grown rich. Jacob Schiff married Teresa Loeb and became the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Schiff made a great deal of money here for himself and for the Jewish money lenders of London. He began to give orders to Presidents almost as a matter of course. He appears to have been a man who would stop at nothing to gain his own ends. I do not blame him for being a Jew. I blame him for being a trouble maker.

Russia had a powerful enemy in this man, Jacob Schiff. The people of the United States were taught to believe that this enmity of his was caused by wrongs done to Russian Jews. I look elsewhere for the motives which animated him.

In the 1890's Schiff was the agent in this country of Ernest Cassell and other London money lenders. These money lenders were looking forward to a war between England and Russia and were making preparations for propaganda designed to support England in the United States. This country was then a debtor nation, paying a high yearly tribute to Schiff and his principals. Schiff accordingly took it upon himself to create a prejudice in the United States against Russia. He did this by presenting the supposed wrongs of the Russian Jews to the American public. Unpleasant tales began to appear in print. School children in this country were told that Jewish children were crippled for life by Russian soldiers wielding the knout. By unfair means a wedge was driven between Russia and the United States.

One of Schiff's schemes was a sort of wholesale importation of Russian Jews into the United States. He drew up divers and sundry regulations for the temporary transplantation of these Jewish emigrants. He would not, he said, have them enter this country through the port of New York, because they might like New York too well to leave it for the outposts he had selected for them. He said it would be best to have them come in at New Orleans and to have them stay there 2 weeks, 'so that they could pick up a few words of English and get a little money' before setting off for what he called the 'American hinterland.' How they were to get the money he did not say.

Aided by Schiff and his associates, many Russian Jews came to this country about that time and were naturalized here. A number of these naturalized Jews then returned to Russia. Upon their return to that country, they immediately claimed exemption there from the regulations of domicile imposed on Jews; that is, they claimed the right to live on purely Russian soil because they were American citizens, or 'Yankee' Jews. Disorders occurred and were exploited in the American press.

Riots and bombings and assassinations, for which somebody furnished money, took place. The perpetrators of these outrages appear to have been shielded by powerful financial interests. While this was going on in Russia, a shameless campaign of lying was conducted here, and large sums of money were spent to make the general American public believe that the Jews in Russia were a simple and guileless folk ground down by the Russians and needing the protection of the great benefactor of all the world - Uncle Sam. In other words, we were deceived. We were so deceived that we allowed them to come in here and take the bread out of the mouths of our own American citizens.

I come now to the time when war was declared between Russia and Japan. This was brought about by a skillful use of Japan, so that England would not have to fight Russia in India. It was cheaper and more convenient for England to have Japan fight Russia than to do it herself. As was to be expected, Schiff and his London associates financed Japan. They drew immense quantities of money out of the United States for that purpose. The background for the loans they floated in this country had been skillfully prepared.

The 'sob stuff,' of which Schiff was a master, had sunk into the hearts of sympathetic Americans. The loans were a great success. Millions of American dollars were sent to Japan by Schiff and his London associates. England's stranglehold on India was made secure. Russia was prevented from entering the Khyber Pass and falling on India from the northwest. Japan at the same time was built up and became a great world power, and as such is now facing us in the Pacific. All this was accomplished by control of the organs of American publicity, releases to the effect that Russian Jews and 'Yankee' Jews were being persecuted in Russia, and by the selling of Japanese war bonds to American citizens.

While the Russian-Japanese War was in progress President Theodore Roosevelt offered to act as peacemaker, and a conference between representatives of the belligerents was arranged to take place at Portsmouth, N.H.

While the Portsmouth Conference took place, Jacob Schiff attended it and used such influence as he had with Theodore Roosevelt to win favors for Japan at the expense of Russia. His main object, then as always, was humiliation of Russians, whose only crime was that they were Russians and not Jews. He endeavored to humiliate the Russians, but Count Witte, the Russian plenipotentiary, did not allow him to succeed in this attempt. Schiff's power and the power of his organized propaganda were well understood by Count Witte, however. Consequently he was not surprised when President Roosevelt, who was often deceived, twice asked him to have Russia treat Russian Jews who had become naturalized in the United States and who had thereafter returned to live in Russia with special consideration; that is, not as Jews but as Americans. Witte carried home a letter from Roosevelt embodying this plea.

Mr. Speaker, the restrictions upon Jews in Russia at that time may or may not have been onerous. But onerous or not, before the Russians had time to change them, Schiff had the 80-year-old treaty of friendship and good will between Russia and the United States denounced. Speaking of this matter County Witte says in his autobiography: 'The Russians lost the friendship of the American people.'

Mr. Speaker, I cannot believe that those people; the real Russians, ever lost the true friendship of the American people. They were done away with to suit the ambitions of those who intend to be the financial masters of the world, and some of us were deceived into thinking that in some mysterious way they themselves were to blame. The chasm that suddenly opened between ourselves and our old friends and well-wishers in Russia was a chasm created by Schiff the vindictive in his inhuman greed, and he created it in the name of the Jewish religion.

Mr. Speaker, it was a mistake for the United States to permit the integrity of its foreign policy to be jeopardized or affected adversely by such religious, racial, and financial meddling as that practiced upon us by Schiff and his London associates. The United States should manage its foreign affairs with more distinction than that which is implied in the picture of Jacob Schiff shaking his fist at the White House and muttering threats against William Howard Taft, then President of the United States, a man who was excessively distinguished in his chosen field and who represented the integrity and the patriotic Americanism of every generation of New Englanders from the first of Massachusetts Bay Colony to his own, and represented them well.

Mr. Speaker, the people of the United States should not permit financial interests or any other special interests to dictate the foreign policy of the United States Government. But in this connection history is now repeating itself. You have heard, no doubt, of the so-called persecution of Jews in Germany.

Mr. Speaker, there is no real persecution of Jews in Germany. Hitler and the Warburgs, the Mendelsohns and the Rothschilds, appear to be on the best of terms. There is no real persecution of the Jews in Germany, but there has been a pretended persecution of them because there are 200,000 unwanted Communistic Jews in Germany, largely Galician Jews who entered Germany after the World War, and Germany is very anxious to get rid of those particular Communistic Jews. The Germans wish to preserve the purity of their own blond racial stock. They are willing to keep rich Jews like Max Warburg and Franz Mendelsohn whose families have lived in Germany so long that they have acquired some German national characteristics. But the Germans are not willing to keep the Galician Jews, the upstarts. So a great show is put on, largely by German Jews themselves, in the hope that Uncle Sam will prove himself to be as foolish as he was before and that we will allow those Galician and Communistic Jews to come in here. That is why Miss Perkins has been placed in charge of the Department of Labor. She is there to lower the immigration bars. It is thought that, being a woman, she may disarm criticism. She is an old hand with the international Jewish bankers. If she were not, she would not be here in a Jewish-controlled administration.

When the so-called 'anti-Semitic campaign' designed for American consumption was launched in Germany, France was alarmed because she feared the Galician Jews might be dumped on French soil. French newspapers published articles concerning the menace, but now that France has been shown that the purpose of the anti-Semitic campaign is to dump the 200,000 communistic Jews on the United States she is worried no longer. 'Ah,' she says, 'I'Oncle Sam, he is to be the goat. Very good.'

Mr. Speaker, I regard it as a pity that there are Americans who love to fawn upon the money Jews and to flatter them. Some of these unfortunates are under obligations to Jewish money changers and dare not cross them. On June 6, 1933, there was a meeting in the city of Washington at which the following resolution was adopted: 'America has been greatly enriched through generations past by men and women of high quality who have come to our shores as a result of persecution in their own lands. Our country is known throughout the world as the haven of those who suffer from wrong and injustices, and who seek an opportunity for freedom not afforded in their own land. The present is another critical time, and there are many victims of religious and racial persecution in Germany who, because of superior attainments and qualities of fine citizenship, would make valuable additions to our Commonwealth. We, therefore, ask the Government temporarily to relax the immigration barriers in favor of such persons and urge the passage of such measures as will effect this result.'

Mr. Speaker, the time for such tactics has gone by. We would be very foolish to allow Germany to dump her unwanted Jewish population on the United States. If the money Jews are as noble as they advertise themselves to be, let them advocate the payment of the veterans' adjusted-compensation certificates. Let them ease the burdens of the consumptive Jewish boys who are hauling heavy carts of fur and other material around the garment center of New York. Let them see that the long-suffering Jewish school teachers receive the salaries which are due to them but which are now in arrears. That would be better than to bring 200,000 Jewish Communists in here for political purposes.

Mr. Speaker, Jacob Schiff flourished like the green bay tree during the World War, but there are passages in his life which show his hysterical despair when the Allies sent their representatives here to obtain a loan. He endeavored to have Lord Reading, formerly Rufus Isaacs, prevent any part of it from going to Russia, although at the time Russia had a very large army of soldiers in the marshes, including thousands of Jewish soldiers, fighting the battle of the Allies on short rations and with insufficient supplies. He was willing to join in the loan, but he wished to have Russia and Russian Jews excluded from the benefits of it. Upon that occasion he was torn between a desire for profit and his professional hatred of Russia, and he cried out to his fellow directors in Kuhn, Loeb & Co. that he ought not to be placed in such a position. And then I believe he said they could do as they liked about it.

In the end it was one of the European Warburgs, a relative of Schiff's, who went to Brest-Litovsk to negotiate the separate peace - a peace which was deeply resented by a large number of loyal Russian Jews - a peace which was followed shortly afterward by the Third Internationale, one of the purposes of which is the destruction of constitutional government in the United States and the establishment here of the same form of government as that which now prevails in Russia. The rights of the sovereign States in the United States are being steadily undermined for that sinister purpose.

How far down into the bottomless pit of communism the United States has been dragged by the Roosevelt administration under the smoke screen of an emergency is shown by a comparison of the program of the Third Internationale and the Roosevelt communistic measures forced into law here during this special session of Congress under threats to deprive Democratic Congressmen of patronage and influence, or, as the President is said to have expressed it to a London correspondent, a determination on his part to keep every Republican officeholder in office until he got what he wanted from the Democratic Congress. Among the tasks set before the communistic party in the United States, as shown in Russia/U.S.S.R.; A Complete Handbook, edited by the scholar, P. Malevsky-Malevitch, and published by Payson in New York this year, I find the following: 'Transfer to the State of all gold reserves, valuables securities, deposits, etc., the centralization of all banking operations and the subordination of all the nationalized banks to a central State bank, etc.'

You have witnessed the unlawful seizure by Franklin D. Roosevelt of gold reserves and other values belonging to the people of the United States, the destruction of banks, the attempted whitewashing of the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve banks, the corruption of which he admitted in his campaign harangues; and you may have noticed that what was confiscated is not in the hands of the present constitutional Government but in the hands of the international bankers who are the nucleus of the new government Roosevelt is seeking to establish here. Roosevelt's actions are not in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. They are in accordance with the plans of the Third Internationale.

At one time Trotzky was a favorite with Jacob Schiff. During the war Trotzky edited NOVY MIR and conducted mass meetings in New York. When he left the United States to return to Russia he is said upon good authority to have traveled on Schiff's money and under Schiff's protection. He was captured by the British at Halifax and immediately, on advice from a highly placed personage, set free. Shortly after his arrival in Russia he was informed that he had a credit in Sweden at the Swedish branch of the bank owned by Max Warburg, of Hamburg. This credit helped to finance the seizure of the Russian revolution by the international Jewish bankers. It assisted them in subverting it to their own ends. At the present time the Soviet Union is in debt.

From the date of Trotzky's return to Russia the course of Russian history has, indeed, been greatly affected by the operations of international bankers. They have acted through German and English institutions and have kept Russia in bondage to Germany and both Germany and Russia in bondage to themselves. Their relatives in Germany have drawn immense sums of money from the United States and have in turn financed their agents in Russia at a handsome profit.

The Soviet Government has been given United States Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks acting through the Chase Bank and the Guaranty Trust Co. and other banks in New York City. England, no less than Germany, has drawn money from us through the Federal Reserve banks and has re-lent it at high rates of interest to the Soviet Government or has used it to finance her sales to Soviet Russia and her engineering works within the Russian boundaries. The Dnieperstroy Dam was built with funds unlawfully taken from the United States Treasury by the corrupt and dishonest Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks.

Mr. Speaker, our workingmen have been told that Russia is the best country in the world to-day for a workingman to live in. They have been made to regret that they cannot go to Russia to work on one of the great enterprises being carried on by the Soviet Government from which American workingmen are excluded.

Mr. Speaker, in my opinion the Russians have a right to set up any form of government that pleases them and suits their needs. But for some reason, whether due to some defect in the Soviet form of government or to some other cause, Russia has not been able to maintain its present form of government otherwise than at the expense of countries in which there is greater freedom from individuals and in which the property rights of citizens have been respected and preserved.

Open up the books of Amtorg, the trading organization of the Soviet Government in New York, and of Gostorg, the general office of the Soviet trade organization, and of the State Bank of the Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics, and you will be staggered to see how much American money has been taken from the United States Treasury for the benefit of Russia.

Find out what business has been transacted for the State bank of Soviet Russia by its correspondent, the Chase Bank of New York; by Lloyd's Bank of London; by Kleinwort Sons & Co. of London, whose correspondents are the principal New York banks; by Glyn Mills & Co. of London and their American agents - that is, the International Acceptance Banks of New York, the Guaranty Trust of New York, the Central Hanover Bank of New York, the Chemical Bank & Trust Co., H. Clews & Co., Kidder Peabody & Co., Winslow Lanier & Co., and Lee, Higginson & Co., the promoters of Swedish Match. Find out how much United States money has passed through the Bank for Russian Trade of London and through the Midland Bank, Ltd.

If the extent of these transactions were known to the American workingman and if he could see that the raw material, the United States dollars, in those transactions came out of his own pocket and the pockets of his fellow citizens, he would understand that Russia is not a good place for a workingman unless other workingmen in other countries are forced to pay tribute to its needs. Russia owes the United States a large sum of money.

If we had what Russia owes us today, the veterans of the United States would not need to fear the first of July 1933 when they are to be despoiled of their pension rights and privileges. Mr. Speaker, I am unalterably opposed to a reduction in the pensions that were lawfully conferred upon the United States veterans of all wars, their widows and dependents.

I am in favor of the immediate payment of the veterans' adjusted-compensation certificates. If the United States can carry Germany and Soviet Russia and John Bull on its back, it can pay its veterans. If it can lend $50,000,000 to sovietized China and furnish material for the manufacture of high explosives, it can pay its veterans.

Mr. Speaker, an immense amount of United States money has been used abroad in preparations for war and in the acquisition and the manufacture of war supplies. Germany is said to be part owner of a large poison gas factory at Trotsk on Russian soil.

China is almost completely sovietized and in the Asiatic interior huge stocks of munitions are said to be stored awaiting the day when the war lords of the United States will ship United States troops to Asia. Mr. Speaker, the United States should look before it leaps into another war, especially a war in Asia. It should decide whether it is worth while to join hands with Russia and China in a war against Japan.

For myself, I say and I have said it often that the United States should remember George Washington's advice. It should mind its own business and stay at home. It should not permit the Jewish international bankers to drive it into another war so that they and their Gentile fronts and sycophants by way of Louis McHenry Howe, the graft master, may reap rich profits on everything an army needs from toilet kits to airplanes, submarines, tanks, gas masks, poison gas, ammunition, bayonets, guns, and other paraphernalia and instruments of destruction."(1)

"Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey,

Where wealth accumulates, and men decay." - Oliver Goldsmith

To these traitorous people, America gave glamour, wealth and success. And despite everything they are still Bolsheviks, or to put it more concisely, we think they are Bolsheviks. The stars such as Charlie Chaplin (Israel Thorstein) are, first and foremost, Jews, who visualize in Bolshevism the perfect accomplishment of the Talmud - Jewish World Power, and look upon Bolshevism as a bulwark of that totalitarian Jewish world rule of which they themselves will be the intellectual elite.

The 3,500 America professors who took part in various Communist demonstrations, a few years ago, also belonged to the storm-troops of this Jewish Nationalism. The overwhelming majority of them are Jews. The Communist teachers against whom disciplinary action was taken because of their Anti-American activities, also belong to the pioneers of this supranational "Nazism."

Among them were Abraham Biedermann, Cellis Lewis, Citron, Mark Friedlander, Isadore Rubin, Abraham Feingold, David Friedman, Louis Jaffe and on and on. The first saboteurs detained at the outbreak of the Korean war were: Max Schnalzer, Minton Silverman, Samuel Zakkman and Samuel Kerr. At this same time the Jew Nathan Ostroff sold the Chinese Communists ten million pounds' worth of rubber to ensure that the armies of the Red Chinese marched in rubber boots against the soldiers of the United States.

The following were among the first batch of the above-mentioned Hollywood Communist film stars and producers summoned before the Investigation Committee: John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo, Ring Lardner, Albert Malz, Alva Bessie, Herbert Bieberman and Samuel Ornitz - All Of Them Jews! It has been said: "A man who loves another country more than the country he was born in, is like a married man who loves another woman more than his wife!"

They have grown so fat and full of parasites from a never ending feed trough, that they have turned into nothing but murders and liars. They could not exist, were it not for the United States, which has given and still does give them safe refuge, from a world that hates them. Now let's look at how the Jews have repaid America:

1). The first traitor to America was a Jew called Benedict Arnold; and his accomplish was Major David Solesbury Franks, a young Jewish merchant of Montreal. Arnold's dealings with the British were investigated in Philadelphia before he was given command at West Point.(2)"While the soldiers of Washington were starving and naked at Valley Forge, while such patriots as General Washington, Col. Thomas Marshall, and his son Capt. John Marshall, were resolutely throwing their all into the cause of the people, Rebecca Franks was enjoying herself in the lush atmosphere of Philadelphia about twenty miles away. Writing to the wife of an American patriot she says, 'You can have no idea of the life of continued amusement I live in. I can scarce have a moment to myself. I spent Tuesday evening at Sir William Howe's, where we had a concert and dance." (3)

2). The first violation of the Constitution was instigated and placed into effect by a Jew called Alexander Hamilton.

3). President Abraham Lincoln,(4) the first American President to be assassinated, was murdered by a Jew called John Wilks Booth. The Jews have killed U.S. Presidents in the past who were advancing U.S. interests in fierce conflict with Jewish geopolitical aims. In each case, the killing, and the accession to office of the Vice President, hindered or reversed the policy direction of the murdered president. This is true of each of those four who were shot death: Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. (5)

4). President James Garfield, the second American President to be assassinated, was murdered by a Jew called Charles J. Guiteau.(6)

5). President William McKinley, the third American President to be assassinated, was murdered by a Jew called Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist.(7)

a). Benjamin Gitlow, the son of two Russian-Jewish refugees was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was, perhaps, the first Communist convicted and sent to prison for promoting the violent overthrow of the United States.

He helped to form the Communist Labor Party. He twice ran on the Communist ticket for Vice-President and once for Mayor of New York City. He was a charter member of the powerful Political Committee of the American Communist Party and its dominating Secretariat of Three.

He was convicted under the Criminal Syndicalist Law in 1919, of advocating, to quote the Supreme Court decision (8): "In plain and unequivocal language, the necessity of accomplishing the 'Communist Revolution' by a militant and 'revolutionary Socialism.'"

When arrested on the charges for which he was jailed, he said: "The first news of the Tsar's overthrow was received with great rejoicing. It stimulated above all those elements in the party that comprised the Slavic and Jewish federations, because most of their members hailed from Tsarist Russia. These federations were: The Russian Federation, the Jewish Federation, the Ukrainian Federation, the Lithuanian Federation, the Estonian Federation, the Polish Federation, the Lettish Federation and such allied Slavic federations as the Bulgarian and Yugo-Slav. The Slavic language federations began to grow very rapidly. Those who had immigrated from Tsarist Russia began to look forward to the time when they would return to their native land, and as many as could left for Russia immediately. Among the latter were several staff members of the Novy Mir, Russian Socialist paper published in New York, such as, Leon Trotsky, Nicholas Bukharin, Volodarsky, who played stellar roles in the Bolshevik Revolution, and lesser luminaries, like Boris Reinstein... (9)

We openly called for the violent overthrow of the United States Government. We isolated ourselves by attacking the A.F. of L. as an agent of the capitalist government and calling upon the workers to build new unions that would not be afraid to use their economic power for revolutionary purposes. When strikes took place we called upon the workers to turn them into revolutionary channels, the Communist Party actually calling upon them, as it did in the strike of the Brooklyn street car men, to overthrow the government and establish Soviets. We existed in a state of semi-legality, always expecting to be attacked and arrested." (10)

6). America's first international war was declared by a Jewish President called Theodore Roosevelt.
"If you will look back at every war in Europe during the nineteenth century, you will see that they always ended with the establishment of a 'balance of power.' With every re-shuffling there was a balance of power in a new grouping around the House of Rothschild in England, France, or Austria. They grouped nations so that if any king got out of line, a war would break out and the war would be decided by which way the financing went. Researching the debt positions of the warring nations will usually indicate who was to be punished."(11)
7). America was tricked into World War I on the side of England, by the Jews with the aid of a Jewish President called Woodrow Wilson. This was done as payment to England for the Balfour Declaration, which promised Palestine to the Jews for their homeland; if they would use their control of the media (Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and etc.) to get America into the war on the side of England. "The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar, and other places for the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they wanted absolutely nothing except Palestine, not because the Dead Sea water by evaporation can produce five trillion dollars of metaloids and powdered metals; not because the sub-soil of Palestine contains twenty times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two Americas; but because Palestine is the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, because Palestine constitutes the veritable center of world political power, the strategic center for world control." (12)

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Chapter Four

Jews Provided The Germans With Military Weapons
On Russian Soil So Germany Could Rebuild Their Military

Between World War I and World War II, the International Jewish Bankers financed, with American taxpayer dollars, through the Federal Reserve - the rebuilding of Germany's military and rearmament as well as her economic recovery. This accomplished they entered into the "Abmachungen" (agreements) with the German High Command. They agreed to have the Soviets secretly supply the German generals with all the arms and munitions they required for a modern army of several million.(13)

They also instructed Stalin to place complete training facilities at the disposal of the Germans to enable them to train the number of commissioned and non-commissioned officers they would require to officer the new army they planned to bring into being when they considered the time was ripe.

The vast building projects required to put the terms of the "Abmachungen" into effect were financed, as we said, by the International Jewish Bankers, through the Federal Reserve in the United States, as it was the only country on earth wealthy enough to finance such a tremendous undertaking in so short a time. The Jews thus enabled both Communist and Fascist countries to build up their economy and war potentials. The International Jewish Bankers enabled the German High Command to evade ALL the military restrictions placed upon them by the Treaty of Versailles.(14) The vast Krupp Munitions and Armaments Plants built in the Soviet Union behind the Ural mountains were named "Manych."

The German armament firms were granted every concession they asked for. International intrigue on such a lavish scale could only be accomplished by one thing, absolute control of the news media around the world, and meant only one thing - Those involved were preparing for World War II. Although it is hard for the average American to understand and believe, Communism and Naziism have several things in common: (1) Both are atheistic creeds which deny the existence of Almighty God; (2) Both advocate war, hatred, and force and opposed to Christ's policy of peace, love and teaching; (3) Both are totally controlled by the same atheistic-materialistic ideologies of Satan's Disciples; (4) They further the diabolical conspiracy to win the souls of men away from loyalty and obedience to Almighty God; (5) Both use a form of Grand Orient Masonry for proselytizing purposes; and (5) Both are under the total control of the Learned Elders of Zion. (15)

8). America was again tricked into a war, World War II, by a Jewish President called Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Who allowed over 3,000 American service men to be killed at Pearl Harbor, so that America would enter the war and rescue Roosevelt's Jewish friends, who were and still are in control of Russia.(16)

Roosevelt was aided in his deceptions to get America into the war, by his Jewish brothers in England. Which is shown by the statement of the English Captain Liddell Hart: "To persuade her (America) to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America, a threat, moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the republic will again take arms in an external quarrel. The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan were involved and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado. At any rate, it would be a natural and obvious object of our propagandists to achieve this, just as during the Great War they succeeded in embroiling the United States with Germany." (17)

9). Another Jewish President called Harry S. (Solomon Schiff) Truman allowed between 20,000 and 90,000 American service men and civilians to rot and die in Russian gulags. He was aided and by another Jew called Dwight David Eisenhower.(18)"Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100-million of them, and the end is not yet." (19)

10). Jewish Presidents Truman and Eisenhower allowed America to be sucked into the Korean War, where other thousands of American service men were allowed to rot and die in Russian and Korean gulags, to aid their Jewish banker and oil friends to expand their operations.

11). On July 20, 1948 a federal grand jury, indicted 12 men who at that time constituted the National Board of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA). The indictment charged them with conspiring knowingly and willfully to teach and advocate overthrowing or destroying the Government of the United States by force and violence, and with conspiring to organize the CPUSA for that purpose. One, a Jew, by the name of William Zebulon Foster, National Chairman of the Communist Party was not tried because of illness. Of the other 11 who were tried seven were Jews.

12). America's Atomic secrets were stolen by Jewish spies; two of which were called Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who then turned over the stolen secrets to their Jewish friends in Russia.

13). America was tricked into the Vietnam War, [where other hundreds perhaps thousands of American service men were left to rot and die in Communist prison camps], which once again aided Jewish banking and oil interests to expand, by the Jewish President called Dwight David Eisenhower.

14). On July 14, 1954, while French-influenced Egyptians celebrated Bastille Day as a symbol of the overthrow of monarchies both in France and in Egypt, incendiary devices were exploded in U.S. Information Service libraries in Cairo and Alexandria. Nine days later, on July 23, members of the Israeli sabotage network took firebombs to the Cairo and Alexandria. As one of the young Egyptian Jews, Philippe Nathanson, stood in front of an Alexandria theater, the incendiary device he was carrying ignited prematurely. It was later, after questioning, discovered the fire bombings were to be blamed on the Egyptians in an effort to undermine U.S. Egyptian relations.

In this prophetic speech, Congressman Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania exposed the plan of a Jewish world state, which has long since become a nightmarish reality. "Present Day Government," Radio Address, Wednesday Evening, May 2,1934, Printed in the Congressional Record of May 3, 1934.

Mr. McFadden. "Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my remarks in the record I include the following address made by me yesterday evening over Station WOL in Washington, D.C.: Just prior to and since the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 this country has been educated to a new phase in government, 'brain trust advisers,' and through them the 'new deal' has introduced a national political economic planning scheme which seems to have permeated all branches of Government.

The original 'brain trust' was composed of Prof. Raymond Moley, Prof. Rexford Tugwell, and Justice Brandeis' contribution, A. A. Berle, Jr., and Bernard M. Baruch's contribution, Gen. Hugh S. Johnson. To these must be added Prof. George F. Warren and Prof. James Rogers, the gold specialist twins, and another Justice Louis D. Brandeis confrere, Prof. Felix Frankfurter, James M. Landis, Jerome Frank, and another Bernard M. Baruch contribution, Donald Richberg, Frederic C. Howe, Harry L. Hopkins, Clarence Darrow, Mordecai Ezekial, Harold Ickes, and one must not omit Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, nor the other Cabinet member, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., nor should we omit Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who is a sort of super-adviser for his illustrious son. These men are now or have been actively engaged in the various phases of the political economic plan called the 'new deal.'

The country has recently been treated to the spectacle of the present administration's attempt to ridicule the idea that there is a definite new plan of government in process. Without attempting to comment in any manner whatever on the attempt to disarm the public, I desire now to refer briefly to a plan that was advocated as far back as 1918 when A. A. Berle had some very definite ideas regarding the establishing of a new State. Indeed, he wrote a little book on 'The Significance of a Jewish State,' dedicated to his friend, Louis D. Brandeis. In it he regarded the Jew as 'the barometer of civilization at all times.' He recognized the inability of Christianity to avert war or 'to do a single thing towards mitigating its worst effects,' and seemed to think the Jews were the only power that could do anything about it. He believed 'A Jewish state would be a 'Hague' which could, and which would, command the attention and govern the thoughts of the world.'

He did not wait for the public recognition of the 'brain trust' to start a campaign for social regeneration. In 1918 he said: 'There have been many of us who for many years have seen in the Hebrew laws the elements of the social regeneration of the world...It would have commanded interest to the entire world to see a State, albeit a small one, work these problems through, and especially a State which could, and which would, call to its aid the finest body, collectively, of intellectual force and discrimination which the world knows.... A rationalized Hebrew State, founded on Hebrew fundamental laws - ethical, social, sanitary, dietary, and all the rest - would be a working laboratory of social regeneration which would excite breathless attention...'

In this State he advocated: 'Concessions to intending builders could be made on the national plan and automatically agreeing with the national interest and the public welfare. The industrial expansion, therefore, could be without those weary steps toward freedom, which all other industrial civilizations have to undergo. Almost from the beginning land and industries, public resources, mineral and otherwise, could be nationally administered, and all this would make a most novel and striking page in statecraft...' An attempt to establish a political economic plan is now in operation under the leadership of a group, formerly connected with the Fabian Society in England. This, until the present, secret political economic plan was drawn up by Israel Moses Shieff, an Israelite, the director of a chain-store enterprise in England, called 'Marks & Spencer,' which house handles almost exclusively imports from Soviet Russia, which enables them to undersell its competitors. Prominent members of this organization in England, besides Shieff, are Ramsay Macdonald; his son, Malcolm Macdonald; Sir George May; Kenneth Lindsey; Gerald Barry; I. Nicholson; Sir Henry Bunbary; Graeme Haldane; I. Hodges; Lady Reading; Daniel Neal; Sir Basil P. Blackett; Sir Arthur Salter; Sir Oswald Moseley; Sir George Allan Powell; Sir Sydney Chapman; Lord Eustace Percy; Ronald Davison; Lord Melchett; Sir Christopher Tumor; Mrs. Leonard Elmhirst, formerly Dorothy Willard Straight nee Whitney, of New York.

This political economic plan organization, now secretly operating in England, is designated 'Freedom and Planning,' and is divided into many well-organized and well-financed departments, such as Town and Country Planning, Industry, International Relations, Transportation, Banking, Social Services, Civil Division. It is already in operation in the British Government by means of the Tariff Advisory Board. It has gathered all data and statistics obtainable by governmental and private organizations in administrative, industrial, trade, social, educational, agricultural, and other circles. Through its Tariff Advisory Board it has control over industry and trade and works in direct connection with the British Treasury, and together they devise the British tariff policy. It has also been granted the power of a law court and can exact, under oath, that all information concerning industry and trade be given it. Iron and steel and cotton industrials have been ordered by the Tariff Advisory Board to prepare and submit plans for the reorganization of their industries, and have been warned that should they fail to do so a plan for complete reconstruction will be imposed upon them. This board has been granted default powers, and can, therefore, enforce its plans.

May I pause here to suggest the similarity of the 'Freedom and Planning' scheme of the political economic group in England with the N.R.A., the Bankhead cotton bill, the control of farm acreage, and the other planned developments of the "new deal" under the direction of the 'brain trust' and their cohorts?

Neither you nor I are particularly interested in what takes place in England, but what should interest us Americans, it seems to me, are the strong indications that point to the putting into operation definitely of this plan in the United States, with the necessary changes to adapt it to our conditions. This is made pertinent by the well-known fact that this particular English group have very close connections with the Foreign Policy Association of New York. This association was largely organized and fostered by Felix Frankfurter and the late Paul N. Warburg. In this group we must also place Henry A. Wallace, the present Secretary of Agriculture, for the reason that he has recently caused to be published under the auspices of the Foreign Policy Association a copyrighted article entitled 'America Must Choose.' This article is quite in keeping with the 'Freedom and Planning' group in England.

There is no doubt, I think, that Professors Frankfurter, Moley, Tugwell, Berle, Jr., and the mysterious Mordecai Ezekiel are all members of this particular group who are carrying out a world plan.

That this political economic group practically control the British Government is indicated by the fact that Prime Minister MacDonald and his son and J. H. Thomas and other influential Britishers are officers of the group.

An interesting sidelight is that some 6 months ago when the father of this plan, Israel Moses Shieff, was urged to show more activity by the members of his committee, his answer was 'Let us go slowly for awhile and wait until we see how our plan carries out in America' That statement indicates that a plan similar to theirs is being tried in America.

When we consider Professor Tugwell's announced plans for control of all land in the United States and the production therefrom, and when we consider the plans of Professor Berle, Jr., for the railroads and finances of this country, and when we consider the Mordecai Ezekiel-Tugwell-Bankhead cotton control bill and the Wallace hog, corn, and wheat control plans, and the Ickes control of mineral and petroleum industries, and General Johnson's N.R.A. control of industry, we must know that something is being tried out here.

And, again, when we hear President Roosevelt say, as he did on April 25, 1934, that this is 'evolution not revolution,' in his address at the opening of a subsistence homestead exhibit, at which time, according to press reports, he made an appeal for the recognition of the importance of long-range national planning as a step toward permanent improvement of the economic and social structure of the Nation, and he stated that the administration was going ahead with its experiments, can we say that this is mere experimentation? Further the President said, 'If we look at this thing from the broad national viewpoint, we are going to make it a national policy if it takes 50 years.' Again he said, 'The time is now ripe, overripe, for planning to prevent in the future the errors of the past and to carry out social and economic views new to the Nation.' Also, yesterday, President Roosevelt announced the formation of a 'plan committee on national land problems,' with the apparent purpose of coordinating and stimulating the Federal program for retiring submarginal land - the Tugwell plan - which he designated as one of the main divisions of national 'long-range planning.' The avowed purpose of the committee, according to the White House announcement, will be to improve 'practices of land utilization' and achieve 'better balancing of agricultural production, aiding in the solution of human problems in land use and developing of a national land program.'

In view of all these things, can we say that this is mere experimentation? Or shall we say that which it is? It is assuredly 'Freedom and Planning,' adapted to the United States. Stripped of all its camouflage, it is the guild form of government, and is the kind of government that has recently been established in Italy and Austria and which will be established in England if this particular group under the leadership of Israel Moses Shieff succeed in their plans. The guild form of government is directly the opposite of the constitutional form of government. It is the Jewish plan of a World State." (20)

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1. U.S. Congressional Record, Thursday, June 15, 1933 (legislative day of Wednesday, June 14) Hon. Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania: "Financial Interests Should Not Dictate Foreign Policy of United States Government."

2. Franks is described in "Benedict Arnold," by Charles Sellers, p. 197 in the following words: "Behind its pretentious white portals, guarded by a smartly presented musket of a Continental soldier, a new commercial establishment came into being. Franks and his chief had already agreed on a partnership, and Franks had been the first in the city, bearing unsigned instructions from Arnold for the purchase of European and East India goods to any amount, a promise to see to the payment, and a strict charge that he preserve the greatest secrecy in the matter...Of the General's staff, Franks was wisely noncommittal...It was the particular duty of Franks to act as escort and guard of honor for Mrs. Arnold. He came to be known among the intimates of the family as 'the nurse.'...There was every reason to believe that the goods brought from Egg Harbor had come by sea from New York, and the pursuers believed they had discovered evidence of a treasonable correspondence. A (Jewess) Miss. Levy, suspected of being an emissary of the enemy, had gone through the lines on a pass from Arnold. Arnold was asked to explain and refused...Franks was living and dining in Army headquarters at West Point with Arnold and his wife, while Arnold was engaged in treasonable activities with (the Jewish) General Sir Henry Clinton, through his aide, Major Andr�." (Benedict Arnold, by Charles Sellers, pp. 197-240).

3. Life of John Marshall, p. 109, Beveridge, Vol. I.

4. Little has been published about the early life of Abraham Lincoln. However, during a search of some old property records and will in a small courthouse in central North Carolina, Alex Christopher the author of "Pandora's Box,"; in one of the old will books dated around 1840, he found the will of one A.A. Springs. Upon reading the will he was shocked and amazed at the secret that it disclosed, but one must remember that it is a known fact that wills, even though they are classified public records the same as property and corporation records, they are rarely combed through as he was doing at the time, and these records hold many dark secrets that can be hidden in public view, but are never uncovered because there are very few who research these old records.

This practice of hiding secrets in public view and the conspirators can say, when faced with the facts and accused of concealing the records; they can reply "Well it was there in the public record in plan view for any and all to find." In the will of A.A. Springs was the list of his property. it went into detail to whom the property was to be dispersed and it included his children. Mr. Christopher and others were looking to find what railroads and banks this man might have owned and had left to his son Leroy Springs. He didn't find anything like that, but he did find the prize of the century. On the bottom of page three of four pages was a paragraph where the father, A.A. Springs, left to his son an enormous amount of land in the state of Alabama which amounted to the land that is today known as Huntsville, Alabama and then he went into detail to name the son and at first Mr. Christopher and the others with him couldn't believe what they were seeing, but there it was the name of the son and it was "ABRAHAM LINCOLN!"

This new information that they had about the Springs (real name Springstein) family, this was just another twist to add to the already manipulative family. This new information about Lincoln built a fire under them to see where this new lead would take them, because everything they had found in the railroad and banking saga had been areal mind-bender. They figured this one would be the same; so they inquired at the local archives and historical records on families and found a reference to oneAbraham Lincoln in the family genealogy of the family of the Carolina by the name of McAdden, in a published genealogy on the family. The family members in the Carolinas were in a limited edition that at one time could be found in the public libraries. The section on Lincoln and the story went something like the following:

"In the late spring of the year of 1808 Nancy Hanks, who was of the family lineage of the McAdden family was visiting some of her family in the community of Lincolnton, North Carolina. While on her stay with family in the Carolina', she vistaed with many of the neighboring families that she had known for many years; one such visit was the Springs family. The sordid details had been omitted but obviously the young Nancy Hanks had found herself in a compromised position and was forced to succumb to the lust of A.A. Springs. She became pregnant as a result. There were no details of a love affair or an act of violence on a helpless female. Abraham Lincoln was the result of that act, which leads one to wonder if the name Lincoln was real or a fabricated name for the are of conception was Lincolnton. Was there really a Thomas Lincoln? Since the Spring were of the race that called themselves Jewish, that made Lincoln part Jewish and as part of the Springs family, he also became a relative of the Rothschild family by blood."

The following information was derived from information that exists in the Smithsonian, National Archives, the Congressional Library, Courtroom Police files, public and private libraries and storage vaults across the United States and Europe:

"Abraham Lincoln was slapped three times with a white glove by a member of the Hapsburg royal family of Germany (Payseur family relatives) during a White House reception in 1862. The German royal family member demanded a pistol duel with the, then, President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The blows to the face stunned Lincoln but he non-verbally refused to participate in the duel by bowing his head before walking out of the reception room. What had ol' honest Abe done to so enrage and up-set the royal European personage?

It seems that the practice of promiscuity was running rampant in many families in those days and the German King Leopold had, had an illegitimate daughter named Elizabeth who was sent to America, where she lived in a very comfortable manner. Although Leopold could not recognize her position, he was very interested in her life.

In the early or mid 1850s, Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth began having sexual liaisons that produced twin daughters named Ella and Emily in 1856. The regal German father who was so royally up-set with ol' honest Abe probably had full knowledge of what the true blood line of Lincoln really was. Abraham's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, did not find out about Elizabeth, Ella and Emily until 1865. Previous to being informed about Elizabeth and the twins, Mrs. Lincoln had developed a ravaging dependency on opium. Her main supplier of the drug was a former member of the Confederate Intelligence community, he was a former member because the Southern gentlemen did not approve of his drug pushing and unreliable behavior. It was because of his involvement with the Souther Intelligence Community, Mary's supplier - John Wilks Booth - knew about the lover and the illegal twins.

After being spurned by the Confederate intelligence community, Mary's 'candy man' approached and became involved with the Rothschild Empire of Europe, for he realized the European banking moguls would be very interested in his pipeline to the White House.

(At this time) Abraham was searching for an issue that would unite the North and South AFTER the Civil War ended. The issue needed to be popular to all levels of American citizenry so they could 'rally around the Stars and Stripes' thus rapidly healing the wounds of the bloodiest war in history. Lincoln was seriously considering one major movement or event that would galvanize his fellow Northern and Southern patriot countrymen into cutting loose the United States of America from the dictatorial grip of the Hapsbergs bloodline of banking control in Europe. All the time, the Rothschilds were trying to take control of the entire world monetary system, and at that time the Rothschilds were trying to get a foot-hold in America and find a way around the British, Virginia Company, and French Bourbon family that were gaining control in this country through government help...

Lincoln found himself in real hot water, because under the Virginia Company covenant the 48 families that formed it were all of the Holy Grail Bloodline. This country was to be an extension of what all the royal families of Europe controlled. The royalty of Europe is Hapsburg, no matter what their name is. The royal family of England is one such example. Now what Lincoln did is he wanted to become independent of the cogenant (in favor of his family) on the Rothschild side...the Rothschilds and their family bloodline have always been undermining the affairs of the Hapsbergs and stealing the monetary control away from them. No matter what the history books say, the Rothschilds didn't get (total) real control on things in America and the Federal Reserve until the Springs usurped the Payseur family companies in the early 1920s...

(But Lincoln had fallen from Rothschild grace also and so, due, in part to his Executive Order to print United States Greenbacks, thus interfering with the Jewish International Banks profits) It appears that the Rothschild family wanted Lincoln embarrassed to the maximum degree. (So) Mary Todd's drug dealer (John Wilks Booth) was hired to kidnap the President of the United States. Abraham would be put on a boat for a two month cruise of the Atlantic where he would be injected with and addicted to opium and then dumped on the streets of Washington. While the forcefully addicted President was stumbling around our nation's capital, the press would be informed of Elizabeth, Ella and Emily.

The drug pusher (Booth) and collaborator (agent) of the Rothschilds had his perfect accomplice in the plot to kidnap and discredit the leader of the North American continent in the First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. After being informed of Abe's lover and the twins and the kidnap plot by her drug supplier, Mary was promised that after her husband resigned or was impeached, she and Abe would be moved to Europe to live happily ever after with plenty of opium. Superficially Mary expressed a desire to live in Europe with plenty of opium and no Civil War or politics to distract her husband or family. But her drug suppler had totally underestimated the confusion, desperation and anger of Mary Todd Lincoln.

The plotters decided the Presidential snatch needed to take place in a public, yet discreet location where minimum witnesses would be present. There were too many potential witnesses at the White House. Two hours before the capture was to take place, Mary Todd had on the floor, a tantrum, because Abe had decided not to go out of the White House that night. Mary's outrageous outburst caused Abe to change his mind and the First family departed. Several minutes after arriving at the kidnap location, Mary instructed the family bodyguard to take a position that placed the First Family out of his visual sight. The position also required the bodyguard to traverse several flights of stairs to reach Abe and Mary should he be needed for any reason...A wagon with a wooden cover arrived at the back entrance of the kidnap location with several men including Mary's opium supplier. The plan was for the drug pusher to traverse the backstairs entrance, silently move down a hallway, and open an unlocked door to a darkened room where Mary and Abe were sitting.

After entering the room, Mary's drug man (Booth) would tell the President an urgent message was waiting for him at the War Department. Before descending down the backstairs, Abe would be knocked out with a chloroform loth. The kidnappers would load the limp body into the covered wagon and swiftly stow Lincoln on an opium boat for a novel 'cruise' of the Atlantic Ocean. When Booth actually opened the door to the darkened room where Abe and Mary were sitting, he went into a panic and shock. Abe was asleep with his head on Mary's left shoulder and the First Lady had her head turned toward the left looking at the door...When she was sure the man who opened the door was Booth, she turned and looked at the President to be sure the pistol she was pointing would explode beneath the lower left earlobe of her husband.

Before Mary pulled the trigger, John Wilkes Booth, drug supplier to the First Lady, realized he was the patsy in all this mess. But he did not know if he was only Mary's patsy or also a chump for the Rothschild family. Were the men hiding around the back door of Ford's Theater there to help Booth with the kidnaping or there to point the false finger at the 'innocent' Booth? Booth was not about to run into the hallway or down the backstairs to find out the answer to that question. The only escape route was to jump the balcony and crash onto the stage during the performance. That night, Booth gave a literal interpretation of the theatrical phrase 'brake a leg' as he fractured one of his during his leaping act from 'lethally looney Mary' and the men lurking around the back entrance of Ford's Theater.

In a novelty case on a wall in Ford's Theater is 'The Gun That Shot Abraham Lincoln.' If anyone (assassin) were to kill a head of state, they would use a revolver, because several bullets might be needed to accomplish the murder and stop any guards during the escape. One would only use a one-shot pistol if they were absolutely sure they had intimate access to the victim. The gun on the wall of Ford's Theater is a derringer-the perfect weapon for the left handed female assassin who did not attend her husbands funeral. Mary Todd was not hiding in her room due to overwhelming grief and sorrow; she was imprisoned in her room with two armed guards for two weeks after killing her husband.

In the 1860s, an act of Congress mandated the compensation of widows of former and active Congressmen, Senators, Vice Presidents and Presidents. The mouth and duration was ratified by both Houses of Congress for each widow. Mary Todd Lincoln applied for her widowers compensation three times and was denied the mandated compensation three times by both Houses of Congress. An unknown benefactor paid for Mary's passage to Europe where she died in small cottage in Germany.

In 1867, the Secret Service was founded so that drunken municipal law enforcement could not unwittingly participate with drug-addicted First Ladies or Gentlemen in vengeful high-brow killings of philandering Presidents of the United States. (To cover up the murders committed which would reflect a bad light for the presiding Administration, such as the Foster murder is doing at the present time).

Before Booth jumped out of the balcony of the Presidential Box of the Ford Theater, he shouted at General Riley and his wife who were sitting to the right-front of the Lincolns. Booth's words expressed his innocence but also sealed the fate of the Rileys. Within a week of the shooting, General Riley and his wife were packed off to an insane asylum where they both died of 'unknown causes' within 30 days of being committed." (Pandora's Box, by Alex Christopher, pp. 282-286).

5. "John Booth, A Jewish silversmith whose ancestors had been exiled from Portugal because of their radical political views. In London the refugees had continued their trade and free thinking, and John had married Wilkes' cousin. This Wilkes was the 'celebrated agitator John Wilkes of Westminster, London ...John Wilkes Booth's father was Junius Brutus Booth." (The Mad Booths of Maryland). This was on April 14, 1865, five days after Robert El Lee's Confederate Army surrendered in the Civil war.

In their biography of him, Lincoln's two private secretaries, John G. Nicolay and John Hay, brought up the question of Booth, the Confederate Secret Service headquartered in British Canada, and how the murder plot was financed: "[O]ne of the conspiracies, not seemingly more important than the many abortive ones, ripened...A little band of malignant secessionists, consisted] of John Wilkes Booth...Lewis Powell...a disbanded rebel soldier...George Atzerodt... a spy and blockade runner of the Potomac, David E. Herold...Samuel Arnold and Michael O'Laughlin, Maryland secessionists and Confederate soldiers, and John H. Surratt [a Confederate spy and dispatch lander] (notice that every one of these were Jewish)...Booth...visited Canada, consorted with the rebel emissaries there, and at last - whether or not at their instigation cannot certainly be said - conceived a scheme to capture the President...He seemed always well supplied with money, and talked largely of his speculations in oil as a source of income; but his agent afterwards testified that he never realized a dollar from that source; that his investments, which were inconsiderable, were a total loss."

The Confederate Secret Service was headed by the Jewish Virginia-based Confederate Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin, who had been born a British subject in the West Indies, and the London-based James Bulloch, uncle of the later U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt. They coordinated the supply of British rifles and British naval vessels to the Rebellion, and the transfer of gold through the then-British colony of Canada.

Some months before he shot Lincoln, Booth deposited funds in the Montreal bank used by Benjamin's operatives. John Surratt, who confessed in 1870 to plotting with Booth to abduct Lincoln, admitted to using that Montreal bank for the secret service funds. Surratt told of the days preceding the murder, and of his trip to Montreal carrying money and messages from Judah Benjamin.

At Ford's Theater, where John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, the U.S. National Part Service now displays a decoding sheet found by police in Booth's trunk, and a matching coding device found in Judah Benjamin's Richmond office. Benjamin fled to England, with the Confederate gold, immediately following the assassination and became a wealthy Queen's Attorney. Booth was shot by pursuing U.S. troops, and four co-conspirators were hanged.

James G. Blaine, a Lincoln-allied Congressman and later U.S. Secretary of State, wrote that Judah Benjamin sought to create "a confederacy achievement should be the revival and extension of English (Jewish) commercial power on this continent...Benjamin took quick refuge under the flag to whose allegiance he was born...[T]he manner in which he was lauded into notoriety in London, the effort constantly made to lionize and to aggrandize him, were conspicuous demonstrations of hatred to our Government, and were significant expressions of regret that Mr. Benjamin's treason had not been successful. Those whom he served either in the Confederacy or in England in his efforts to destroy the American Union...eulogize him according to his work."

Henry C. Carey, creator of the nationalist economic platform of Lincoln's Republican Party, wrote just before the 1860 election that the British Empire waged continual political and economic "warfare...for discouraging the growth of manufactures in other countries...for compelling the people of other lands to confine themselves to agriculture...for producing pauperism."

During his presidency, Lincoln defied Jewish Free Trade doctrines and revolutionized the United States economy. Lincoln's 50% tariff started the American steel industry, while his transcontinental railroads, subsidies for mining, science-educating Agriculture Department, free land for family farmers, free state colleges, and full-scale immigration policy forced the transformation of a bankrupt, cotton-exporting country into the world's greatest industrial power within 25 years. In a brutal conflict versus the Wall Street firms representing the Rothschild and Baring banks and the British Crown, Lincoln fought to reassert the national government's control over credit. He put through anti-usury and other strict federal banking laws, sold bonds directly to the people, and issued hundreds of millions of national currency. He was seeking to crack down on the Anglo-American manipulation of gold when he was killed.

Vice President Andrew Johnson succeeded Abraham Lincoln in 1865, and promised rewards for the arrest of the "rebels and traitors...harbored in Canada" who had "incited, concerted and procured" Lincoln's murder. Johnson was himself a free trader. But Lincoln's nationalist policy legacy was revived by Presidents Ulysses S. Grant (1869-77) and James A. Garfield (assassinated in 1881). Despite the tightening grip of Jewish-run banking over U.S. fiances, America persisted in Lincoln's nationalist measures and became the world's economic superpower. The "McKinley Act" of 1890 was the great protective tariff law of the last generation of American nationalist leaders. Its author; Ohio Congressman and former Union military officer William McKinley, said that "the law of 1890...gave work and wages to all such as they had never had before. It did it by establishing great industries in this country...It had no friends in Europe."

6. Charles Guiteau's 1881 murder of U.S. President James A. Garfield is treated, historically, as a senseless act, the perpetrator a "disappointed office-seeker." Contrary to this "lone-assassin" portrayal of events, there was a murder motive: The Garfield administration's prosecution of a virtual war against the Jewish machinations in England; and a murder machine: Britain's transatlantic financial and political apparatus, and its criminal underground inside America, which included Garfield's assassin.

James Blaine, chosen as Secretary of State by the President-elect, candidly warned Garfield of "the combine in New York" and its allies, within their own Republican Party: "This section contains all the desperate bad men of the Party, bent on loot and booty, and ready for any Mexican invasion or Caribbean annexation, and looking to excitements and filibustering and possibly to a Spanish war as legitimate means of continuing political power for a clique. These men are...harmless when out of power, and desperate when in possession of it." (Blain to Garfield, December 10, 1880)

The English Jews influence in America had grown ominously in 1879. The Jewish bankers, whose Wall Street agents ruled the "desperate" New York political machine, and had compelled the resumption of gold (specie), payments to foreign holders of U.S. bonds. This gave the Rothschild-Morgan syndicate a blackmail dictatorship over U.S. finances.

Secretary of State Blain was the de facto "prime minister" in the incoming administration. His political identity was built around his family tradition of America's resistance against the British Jewish money power. He had lived for some years as teenager with his close relative, Thomas Ewing, while Ewing was U.S. Treasury Secretary, lieutenant to anti-British nationalist spokesman Henry Clay, and the stepfather of William T. Sherman, the Civil War General.

Garfield was susceptible to the hard-money dogma, but he and his old political comrade Blaine came to power with the high tariff program of Clay and Lincoln. Blaine exhorted the Irish immigrants and other workingmen to defend their wages by defeating the economic policy of "Ireland's oppressors" the infamous "British free trade (Jewish Free Trade)."

Garfield and Blaine took office in March 1881, with Abraham Lincoln's son Robert as War Secretary. In May, Blaine sent Lincoln's counterintelligence expert, retired General Stephen Hurlbut, as a special envoy to face down the British Jews in South America. The Jewish-sponsored proxy army of Chile had invaded Peru and Bolivia, grabbing control of nitrate deposits, and seeking to crush U.S.-allied nationalism in the region. Britain's diplomats demanded Peru surrender and cede its richest provinces. Peru's Army had collapsed, relying as it did for military supplies on Britain's Lima-based merchant king, the W.R. Grace company. Grace controlled virtually all shipping on South America's Pacific Coast on behalf of the British Jewish banking and political power.

On May 23, 1881, Charles J. Juiteau wrote to President Garfield: "Mr. Blaine is a wicked man, and you ought to demand his immediate resignation; otherwise you and the Republican Party will come to grief." Guiteau shot President Garfield on July 2, 1881, four months into his term. As Garfield clung to life, General Hurlbut arrived in Peru, clashed sharply with the British diplomats, and recognized the regime of Garcia Calderon, who had been chosen by the underground Peruvian nationalist leadership. The U.S.S. Alaska landed a brother of President Calderon in Mollendo, with money and instructions for Peruvian resistance fighters. Britain's Chilean proxies arrested President Calderon and took him away to Santiago. On November 29, 1881, Secretary Blaine, still in office, called for a peace conference of all republics in the Western Hemisphere, to convene in Washington one year later.

Garfield died on September 9, 1881. The incoming President Chester Arthur replaced Blaine with Frederick Frelinghuysen, who canceled the proposed hemispheric peace conference, so as not to invite "European jealousy and ill will." Congressman Perry Belmont, law partner of Frelinghuysen's son, chaired a congressional investigation of the supposed corruption of James Blaine and General Hurlbut. Representative Belmont's father, August Belmont, the House of Rothschild's U.S. representative, wrote that "the country might have been plunged into a war with Peru if poor Garfield had not been assassinated. Blaine is about the most unscrupulous politician we ever had." (This because he and President Garfield had dared to resist and oppose the Jewish Money power)

Blaine told Congress, "The Chilean government...pledged] pay...into the Bank of England for the benefit of the English bondholders who put up the job of this war on Peru. It...was loot and booty...The iron-clads that destroyed the Peruvian Navy were furnished by England...It is an English (read that Jewish) war on Peru, with Chile as the instrument, and I take the responsibility of that assertion."

There was at that time a Jewish triumvirate ruling that New York "loot and booty" machine about which Blaine had warned Garfield:

1). Jewish Banker August Belmont, Rothschild representative and longtime head of the U.S. Democratic Party;

2). Britain's W.R. Grace, the Peru-based enforcer, who had moved to the U.S. and was elected Mayor of New York City in 1880! Grace managed Wall Street's opposition to Blaine's 1884 presidential bid, and arranged the official 1890 British contract seizing Peru's land and minerals;

3). Speculator Leonard Jerome, owner of The New York Times. Both Jerome and Belmont were personally close tot he Austrian Hapsburgs and helped manage British-Harpsburg subversive projects in Mexico and South America.

Leonard Jerome's daughter Jennie had married Britain's Randolph Churchill, who in 1880, with his partner Arthur Balfour, launched a new ultra-federalist leadership group in British politics. Leonard Jerome's grandson Winston Churchill was then six years old. This Balfour circle, Disraeli's "Venetian Party," had taken over managing various British Intelligence projects of the occult and the criminal underground, centered in New York State and New England.

Assassin Charles J. Guiteau dictated an autobiography to a jail officer while awaiting his execution. His story was printed in the July 2, 1882 (Washington) National Republican. Guiteau's father, a disciple of New England cult leader John H. Noyes, took Charles as a teenager to live on the commune that Noyes had established on the Oneida Indian Reservation in upstate New York. Noyes was a Vermont "blue blood," son of a congressman who had sided with the enemy during the War of 1812 between America and Britain.

Guiteau said " went [to Oneida] and got under that influence, and I was unable to get away from that influence...A man was just as isolated from the world as if he were confined in state's prison or a lunatic asylum. I suffered greatly in mind and body and spirits during incarceration in that community." He said he had been "perfectly beside himself" under Noyes's control from 1858 to 1870.

All women in the commune were common property, and all sexual acts were the subject of official community "criticism" sessions. John Noyes himself sexually initiated the girl children of the commune's inmates, proclaiming this to be the scientific breeding program of the Jewish British Sir Francis Galton. The group practiced seances.

Guiteau described how he had gradually left this brainwashing pit, and had come under the care and sponsorship of a new Jewish-run international organization; the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) which had spread from England to Canada and on into New York in the 1850s. Guiteau was transfixed by the Armageddon sermons of Dwight Moody and other YMCA leaders. Guiteau gave his own Armageddon lectures at YMCAs all over the country, often to tiny groups. (This is how the Jews spread their communist and antichrist propaganda).

John H. Noyes, meanwhile, was about to be arrested for mass rape of young girls, but he fled to British Canada in June 1879. In 1880, while Noyes was sheltered by the British authorities, the Oneida commune converted itself into a joint-stock corporation, eventually achieving fame as a silverware company. In 1880, Charles Guiteau, who had never had anything to do with politics, (under the orders of the "Hidden Hand" the Jewish Sanhadrin, or Learned Elders) suddenly began hanging around the Republican National Committee's New York City headquarters. After the Garfield election victory, Guiteau began loitering in the White House and State Department lobbies in Washington (this could only have been done under the protection of the Jewish members of the State Department and White House), on the pretext of asking for appointment as a diplomat. He bought a pistol with money from "a (Jewish) gentleman," and shot the President after stalking him for several days.

7. During the course of his fight for U.S. industry McKinley had developed a clear understanding that the British and French Jews and their agents were the enemy. Speaking in Boston in 1892, when he was governor of Ohio, McKinley said: "We have had all of the Confederate [i.e., southern Confederate States in the Civil War] currency we want...And we are not only opposed to Confederate currency, but we are opposed to (the Jewish) British political economy... Free trade shaves down [the workingman's] labor first, and then scales down his pay by rewarding him in a worthless and depreciated state currency. "...[It is said] that protection is unconstitutional...I know of but one constitution which it violates and that is the constitution of the Confederate States. It is in direct violation of that instrument. But we are not operating under it. That instrument went down under the resistless armies of Grand and Sherman and Sheridan, and the Constitution of Washington and Lincoln was sustained."

Back in 1882, when he was a congressman, McKinley also identified the British sponsorship of free trade: "Who has demanded a tariff for revenue only...? What portion of our citizens? What part of our population? Not the agriculturalist; not the laborer; not the mechanic; not the manufacturer; not a petition before us, to my knowledge, asking for an adjustment of tariff rates to a revenue basis. England wants it, demands it, not for our good, but for hers; for she is more anxious to maintain her old position of supremacy than she is to promote the interests and welfare of the people of this republic, and a great party in this country voices her interest...She would manufacture for us, and permit us to raise wheat and corn for her. We are satisfied to do the latter, but unwilling to concede to her the monopoly of the former...

Free trade may be suitable to Great Britain and its peculiar social and political structure, but it has no place in this republic, where classes are unknown, and where caste has long since been banished; where equality is a rule; where labor is dignified and honorable; where education and improvement are the individual striving of every citizen, no matter what may be the accident of his birth, or the poverty of his early surroundings. Here the mechanic of today is the manufacturer of a few years hence. Under such conditions, free trade can have no abiding place here."

McKinley's assassination brought into power the President who would inaugurate the concept of "Anglo-Americanism" and imperialism against Ibero-America as well as turn the tide against international improvements. McKinley was elected to the presidency in 1896 on a platform of high wages and defiance of Jewish free trade doctrines. McKinley's first act as President was to push through a law heavily taxing British and other imports, so as "to preserve the home our own producers; to revive and increase manufactures; to relieve and encourage aid and develop mining and building; and to render to labor in every field of useful occupation the liberal wages and adequate rewards to which skill and industry are justly entitled."

In the 1900 election campaign, the only serious issue was who should replace Vice President Garret Hobar, who had died in 1899. President McKinley and his leading adviser, Senator Marcus Alonzo Hanna, bitterly opposed the nomination of Great Britain's fanatical Jewish political ally Theodore Roosevelt, or "T.R." (When Roosevelt sent Nicholas Murray Butler to sound out McKinley about T.R., McKinley laughed and Hanna cursed and banged on the table, for he knew that should McKinley be elected that the Jews would have him assassinated, and they wanted him replaced with one of their own). Teddy Roosevelt's identity had become clear to American patriots in 1883 when James D. Bulloch, Teddy's uncle, hero, and later military-history ghost-writer, published his famous anti-U.S. historical work, "The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe." Bulloch, in permanent exile in Britain, had been one of the two coordinators of the secret service whose operative killed Abraham Lincoln.

But, under immense pressure, the McKinley faction capitulated to the naming of T.R., as vice presidential candidate. The McKinley-Roosevelt ticket was elected. And so, the President was shot to death by anarchist assassin Leon Czolgosz less than six months after the inauguration, and Teddy Roosevelt became President, just as the International Jewish Sanhedrin had wanted.

The attack had been fully expected. McKinley's chief of staff, Senator Hanna, had requested in a security report the previous year "that proper safeguards be thrown around the person of the President," because the government had been informed that "anarchists or Socialists through their various organizations resolved to rid the earth of a number of its rulers [starting with] the Empress Eugenie of Austria...the King of Italy...[and] then the President of the United States...and...the first two calls...have come to pass as predicted."

After the election of the McKinley-Roosevelt ticket, the New York City police commissioner, through his detective Lt. Joseph Petrosino, had issued a warning: that the Henry Street Settlement House (a famous place which the Jews have long used to plot assassinations) in New York City, then the U.S. political headquarters for anarchist leader (Jewish) Emma Goldman, was a center of assassination threats to the life of President McKinley. The assassin Czolgosz told police after his capture that he was a disciple of Emma Goldman's, and had heard her lecture on the destruction of government two weeks before he killed the President. Emma Goldman, who had helped plan the murder attack against industrialist Henry Frick nine years earlier, was now arrested on suspicion of complicity in the McKinley shooting. She left police custody when charges, because of Jewish pressure, was not pressed, and immediately launched a public sympathy campaign for the assassin.

"The two internationals of Finance and Revolution work with ardor, they are the two fronts of the Jewish Internationale. There is Jewish conspiracy against all nations." (Rene Groos, Le Nouveau Mercure, Paris, May, 1927)

Emma Goldman and the anarchists were sponsored in high style in America and in England. New York's Henry Street Settlement House was built in 1893 by Wall Street's most famous Jew - Jacob Schiff, in cooperation with his partner Sir Ernst Cassell, personal banker to the British Royal Family and to the Fabian Society. Emma Goldman wrote about a Russian anarchist revolutionary who came to New York and met with the Anglophile elite backing the overthrow of the U.S. allied Russian government. "I acted as most of the private gatherings arranged for her...among [those participating was Anson] Phelps Stokes" of the Phelps-Dodge Corp., and the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. "Lillian Wald [head of the Henry Street Settlement House]...arranged receptions...and succeeded in interesting scores of people in the Russian cause."

In 1901, the Russian journal Svet wrote: "Let us hope that the death of [President McKinley] will rouse those lands which...harbor bad elements and become the breeding grounds for plots, to action against the enemies of civilization." "In England," Belgium's King Leopold had explained years earlier, "a sort of menagerie of [Jewish revolutionaries] is kept to let loose occasionally on the continent to render its quiet and prosperity impossible."

Emma Goldman wrote in her autobiography about flourishing "Anarchist activities in London...England was the haven for refugees from all lands, who carried on their work without hindrance." She described her London headquarters, the home of William Michael Rosetti. There the anarchist journal Torch was published. The brother of Dante Gabriel Rosetti, William Michael had been a senior British government official and the manager of the "Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood," which openly advocated the return to the feudal Dark Ages of the 14th century. Goldman helped organize Britain's worldwide Neo-Malthusian League. Following her deportation from the United States neo-Malthusian leader Bertrand Russell sponsored her return to England.

Teddy Roosevelt had been the leading representative of the British Jewish Imperial-model war party, whose intrigues had dragged the reluctant President McKinley into the 1898 war against Spain in Cuba and the Philippines. But McKinley had pursued peace, reciprocity, and mutual industrial development with the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

As President, Teddy Roosevelt blatantly attacked and intimidated Latin America, blackening the name of the American Republic. He broke up the U.S. alliance with Japan, and with Russia, and with Germany. He closed the American West to settlement, canceled all of Lincoln's economic development measures, and turned over national financial power to the Jewish banking cartel of Rothschild and Morgan.

8. Gitlow v. New York, 268 U.S. 652.

9. I Confess, p. 22.

10. I Confess, p. 60;.

11. Economist Stuart Crane.

12. Nahum Goldman, President World Jewish Congress.

13. Victor Serges wrote "The evolution of Soviet Communism was completed in 1936...from revolutionary internationalism to a nationalism of great military power served, in various countries, by parties which it subsidized. After July 1936 the Stalinites formed the unified Socialist Party affiliated with the Third International...and the object of Stalinism is to establish the new power of a Fascist nature to encircle France, the probably ally of Russia, IN THE WAR THAT IS BEING PREPARED."

14. It is proven with a study of history that the German Generals and top-level officials who negotiated the 'Abmachungen' were the ones condemned to death at the Nuremberg Trials as War Criminals because they knew too much, and the names of those conspirators who plotted World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

15. It is known that the first world war was postponed several times at the behest of international financiers. If it broke out too soon, it would not involve the states which the international financiers wished to involve. Therefore, the masters of gold, the international masters, were compelled several times to check the martial enthusiasm which their own propaganda had aroused. The Jewish Press alleges that there was discovered a Rothschild Letter dated 1911, and urging the Kaiser against war. The year 1911 was too early. There was no such insistence in 1914.

There is no question whatever of international Jewish Finance being deeply concerned in the matter of war and revolution; this is never denied as to the past; it is just as true of the present. The league against Napoleon, for example, was Jewish. Its headquarters were in Holland. Napoleon invaded Holland, the headquarters were moved to Frankfort-on-the-Main. It is remarkable how many of the International Jewish Financiers have come out of Frankfurt; the Rothschilds, the Schiffs, the Spevers, to name but a few. Jewish influence in German affairs came strongly to the front during the 1914-1918 war.

It came with all the directness and attack of a flying wedge, as if previously prepared. There are no stronger contrasts in the world than the pure Germanic and pure Semitic races; therefore, there has been no harmony between the two in Germany, and though Jewish influence became strong in that country it was not gained without challenge, but the Jewish power became paramount in the Revolution which followed the war. The Revolution would not have come if they had not brought it. The principal Jewish influences which brought down German order may be named under three heads: (A) the spirit of Bolshevism which masqueraded under the name of German Socialism; (B) Jewish ownership and control of the Press; � Jewish control of the food supply and the industrial machinery of the country.

There was a fourth, "higher up," but these worked upon the German people directly. It will be recalled that the German collapse in that war was directly due to food starvation and material shortages, and to industrial unrest. As early as the second year of the war, German Jews were preaching that German defeat was necessary to the rise of the proletariat. Strovel declared: "I openly admit that a full victory of the country would not be in the interest of the Social Democrats." And also: "The exaltation of the proletariat after a won victory is an impossibility." Revolution is the expression of the Jews' will to power. Parties are but tools for the Jewish plan to power. The so-called "dictatorship of the proletariat" is really and practically the dictatorship of the Jews.

The 1914-1918 war brought about a condition which threw a new light on the internationalism of Jewish finance. During the years of American neutrality there was opportunity to observe the extent of the foreign affiliations of certain men, and also the extent to which ordinary national loyalty was subordinated to the business of international finance. That war really forced a coalition of Gentile capital on one side of the struggle, as against certain blocks of Jewish capital which were willing to play both sides. The old Rothschild maxim: "Do not put all your eggs in one basket." becomes perfectly plain when transposed into national and international terms. Jewish finance treats political parties the same - bets on them both, and so never loses. In the same way Jewish finance never loses a war. Being on both sides, it cannot miss the winning side, and its terms of peace are sufficient to cover all advances to the side that lost. This was the significance of the great swarming of Jews at the Versailles Peace Conference.

But a strange fatality seems to follow all forms of Jewish supremacy. Just as the capstone is ready to be placed on the edifice of Jewish triumphs, something occurs and the structure shrinks. It occurs so often in Jewish history that the Jews themselves have been exercised to find an explanation. In many cases "anti-Semitism" offers the readiest excuse, but not always. Just as the present time, when the light which was shed by the fires of war has revealed so many matters formerly hidden in shadow, the awakening of world attention is called "anti-Semitism," and the explanation is given that "after every war the Jew becomes the scapegoat" - a curious admission which would lead a less self-centered people to inquire, Why?

In the firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, Jewish finance in the United States reached its high-water mark. The head of this firm was the late Jacob Schiff, who was born in Frankfort-on -the-Main and whose father was one of the Rothschild brokers. One of Jacob Schiff's associates, Otto Kahn, was born in Mannheim, and was early associated with the Spevers, who also originated in Frankfort and who came to great power in England during the reign of Edward VII. Another associate, Felix Warburg, married into Jacob Schiff's family, and the Warburgs, became some of the most influential members of America's diplomatic representatives.

Early flank movements of Jewish financiers in America sought out other objectives in foreign countries whose future influence on American affairs proved to be considerable. The first flank movement was toward Central and South America. The financial assistance, practical and advisory, offered to Mexico during the most unsatisfactory period of her relations with the United States was given by Jewish groups. The political upheavals and the financial arrangements in the tiny but strategically placed countries of Central America are too notorious even to occasion comment.

It is known that Jacob Schiff gave material assistance to Japan in the 1905 war with Russia. This was explainable on the ground of good business and also of a desire to revenge Russia's treatment of the Jews. Schiff used the opportunity also to instill the principles, which have since grown up into Bolshevism, into the minds of the Russian prisoners in Japanese war camps. The attempt to gain influence in Japan, in those distant days, came off rather badly. The Japanese kept the business deal strictly a business deal, and Mr. Jacob Schiff was displeased with Japan generally. The idea at the beginning of the century appears to have been to add the newly rising Japan to the string of financial conquests, but the Japanese were credited with knowing much more about the "Jewish peril" than did the United States. This is well worth recalling in view of the intensive propaganda which, for years before the 1914 war, constantly sought to create misunderstanding between the United States and the Empire of Japan.

Jewry emerged from the 1914-1918 war more strongly entrenched in power, even in the United States, than it was before. In the world at large the ascendancy of the Jew at the present time is even more marked. In those countries which can justly be called unfriendly to the Jew, now or in recent past, the rule of the Jew is stronger than anywhere else. The more they are opposed, the more they show their power. At a moment when, as all Jewish spokesmen inform us, there is a world-wave of "anti-Semitism," - which is their name for a new awakening of people to what has been going on - what should occur but that at the head of the Chief Magistracy of the World; a Jew appears. Nobody seems to know why. No body can explain it.

16. For proof of that, order my book titled "Communism Is Jewish."

17. Propaganda in the Next War, by Sidney Rogerson, p. 148

18. Eisenhower's West Point Yearbook, the year he graduated from West Point.

19. Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn.

20. In this prophetic speech, Congressman Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania exposed the plan of a Jewish world state, which has long since become a nightmarish reality. "Present Day Government," Radio Address, Wednesday Evening, May 2,1934, Printed in the Congressional Record of May 3, 1934.

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