From:    Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Gary Wean's AFFIDAVIT (fwd)

Entered L.A.P.D. Academy February 1946
Worked University Division,
Metropolitan Division and
Hollywood Division
Det. Sgt. Ventura Police Dept., Ventura, Calif.;
Investigator, Los Angeles District Attorney
Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Intelligence Unit;
Chief Investigator, Ventura Co. Public Defender

The four L.A.P.D. officers indicted by the L.A. County Grand Jury
are not  perpetrators of a crime, they are victims.  Judges, both
State and Federal, have set the standard by judge brutality.

 I filed a lawsuit in Ventura County against three
Superior Court  judges, two  Santa Barbara  County Superior Court
judges and  California State  Supreme Court Chief Justice Malcolm
Lucas for conspiring to set-up phony judicial council hearings in
matters of  judicial disqualifications  whereby the  judges  were
destroying  the   peoples  right  to  fair  and  honest  judicial
proceedings and were stealing their real estate and money.

On my process server served the three Superior
Court Judges  in Ventura County.  That afternoon, secretly and in
great danger,  the three  judges telephoned  Chief Judge  Malcolm
Lucas in Sacramento and at 5:00 a.m. the very next morning, Lucas
flew into  Oxnard Airport and was picked up by an official of the
Ventura County Superior Court.

That day  the judicial  proceedings in  Ventura County  came to a
halt.   All judges  met privately with Lucas behind closed doors.
At this  secret meeting,  the judges  conspired at  Malcolm Lucas
direction to  destroy my  lawsuit by using violence.  As a result
of the secret meeting, the two judges in Santa Barbara were lying
in wait for me and my process server to arrive to serve them.

My process  server, licensed and experienced, also the Democratic
U.S. Congressman  elect, 20th  district,  was  not  only  falsely
arrested for trespassing, he was brutally assaulted and beaten by
a judge wearing a black robe and two uniformed deputy sheriffs in
the courthouse  hallway.   He was handcuffed and with the judge's
physical force  and orders,  Michael A.  Thomas was kidnapped and
thrown into  the judge's  chambers,  where,  for  another  twenty
minutes he  was beaten,  spit in  the face, and threatened by the
judge that  he would  be killed  if he  told anyone  about  being
beaten.   Then he was thrown out of the judge's chambers and back
into the courthouse hallway.

My process  server was  taken to  a Santa  Barbara  hospital  and
treated by  a doctor who while she was examining him received two
phone calls  from the  courthouse to  minimize  injuries  he  had

We went  to the Sheriff's Department headquarters to make a crime
report but  an official  refused to  take a  report, stating, The
judges are too powerful, we wouldn't dare go against them.

A report  was made  to the  Santa Barbara  F.B.I..  

The all  important point is that if the A.C.L.U., the N.A.A.C.P.,
the Justice  Department, the  F.B.I., and the news media had come
out ranting  and screaming  like voracious  blood-thirsty piranha
against the  judges, like  they did  against  the  officers,  the
judges could  not have  covered it  up.    (Keep  in  mind  that,
President Bush  has stated  numerous times  that, such  brutality
sickens me, and that, no man is above the law.)

Approximately 1958,  while working  as a  Det. Sgt.  for  Ventura
Police Dept.,  I came  upon a plot by very wealthy Ventura County
people;   bankers, lawyers, and judges, to foment, instigate, and
fan the  flames  of  massive  racial  riots  nationwide.    These
politically powerful  Ventura people  were  associated  with  the
mastermind of  this evil  plot, Federal Judge Harry Pregerson and
his gangster associates, Mickey Cohen and Abie and Hy Phillips.

Cohen and  Pregerson were conducting burglaries of National Guard
Armories, stealing  large amounts  of  automatic  weapons  to  be
cached and  used when  the racial riots could be turned into full
blown racial revolution that police departments could not contain
or handle,  the National Guard would be called in and the roll of
the police as civil protectors of the public would be dissolved.

I had  received information  that William  P.  Clark,  a  Ventura
County lawyer  was involved  in the  plots to incite racial riots
and revolutions  and a  participant in the burglary of the Oxnard
National Guard  Armory and  that he  kept a  50 caliber  military
machine gun which he mounted in his house making statements that,
When the  revolution comes I'll be ready, I'm going to kill every
nigger and  Mexican that  comes within  range of  my house.  When
Jesse Jackson  was running  for U.S. Senate against Senator Strom
Thurmond and  I decided  to get  this information and evidence to
Jackson, as  a candidate,  perhaps he  could expose the insidious
plot to  discredit and  destroy laws  enforcement and stop it.  I
met with  a friend  of Jackson's,  a Reverend  Brookins,  at  his
office in Los Angeles.

I explained  the entire  story to  Brookins and he acted shocked.
He said he'd inform Jesse Jackson and the N.A.A.C.P. immediately,
also that  he had very good relations with leaders of the Mexican
community and  he would  inform them  and also  would have  Mayor
Bradley inform  the L.A.P.D.  since he was a former policeman and
would know how to handle that end of it.

I met  with Brookins twice, the second time, while in his office,
his secretary entered and told his Mayor Bradley was on the line.
They proceeded  to discuss  a plan  as to  how they were going to
take the Coors brewery for millions and they'd be on easy street.
(Ha, ha,  maybe we'll  able to  take that plane to Honolulu after
all.)   That he,  Brookins, had taken care of everything, all his
people were  lined up,  that   they were  in a  position to ruin,
destroy the  Coors Co. if they didn't come through with the money
they  wanted.     That  they  were    being  helped,  working  in
conjunction  with   pressure  on   Coors  by   a  Rabbi  and  his
organization who  were also  going to  make millions  by  forcing
Coors to kosherize their beer.

To the  best of  my knowledge,  Jesse Jackson was never given the

Brookins and  Bradley betrayed  the black  people by not exposing
the plot to pit black people against white which could again face
the L.A.P.D. with Watts type racial riots that could also destroy
the L.A.P.D.  administration by  having the  National Guard  take

William P.  Clark was  National Security  Advisor  for  President
Reagan at  the same  time he was plotting with Harry Pregerson to
overthrow the  Civil law  enforcement in  the United  States  and
place control  in the  hands of  a  small  group  that  Pregerson

Later Clark  was  named  to  an  even  higher  Cabinet  position,
Secretary of  Interior, and was up for confirmation by the Senate
Judiciary Committee.   I contacted Senator Strom Thurmond through
connections and  was notified  by Thurmond that he would have his
staff investigate.   But  Thurmond covered  up  Clerk's  gangster
connections and  his  involvement  in  the  revolution  plot  and
proceeded to confirm Clark as Secretary of Interior.

In 1987  I traveled  to Washington,  D.C. and with an associate I
hand delivered  a 773-page name-indexed report (My book There's a
Fish In  The Courthouse)  on judicial  corruption,  murder,  drug
smuggling, etc.,  to each  of the  100  United  States  Senators,
individually, petitioning  them to  investigate and  protect  and
safeguard the  people from  an organization  of gangsters who had
seized control  of the  judicial system  and planned  to  destroy
police departments.  The first would be L.A.P.D.

My associate  and I  had meetings with the chairman of the Senate
Judiciary Committee's  staff and  received personal assurance and
letters from  Senator Joseph  Biden that  he had  ordered a  sub-
committee chaired  by Senator  Howlin Heflin  to investigate  the
judicial corruption  in response  to the  peoples petition.  But,
Senator Biden and Heflin proceeded to cover up the corruption.

The people  again petitioned  the U.S.  Senate but  again it  was
covered up by Joseph Biden and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

For years  the officers of the L.A.P.D. have been subjected to an
insidious (Guyana,  Jonesboro Massacre  type)  mass  hypnosis,  a
conspiracy of  mind conditioning,  slow, unrecognized for what it
was, but  steady and  deadly, always related to dangerous duties,
night and  morning shifts  heightened  by  dark  alleys,  shadowy
streets and  looming buildings  were the  back-drop of  the  mind
conditioning plot,  ready to  shoot or  knife them  from  ambush.
This conditioning  of the  officers' minds,  reflexes and actions
with simultaneous  mind conditioning  of black people to fear and
mistrust L.A.P.D.  officers and  consider them  enemies, [was]  a
potential for violence.

This fantastic plot pitting black people and white people against
each other,  constantly at  each others'  throats was  kept at  a
high, feverish pitch, terrific tension, both sides ready to react
against the  other violently at the slightest provocation or even
no reason at all.

This explosive  conditioning of  human minds  was kept  at  fever
pitch  by   constant  bombardments  of  T.V.,  Radio,  newspaper,
magazines, etc.,  propaganda of  prejudice and hatred prepared by
professional expert  provocateurs involved  in a  plot to  create
racial strife, riots and revolution.

Further exacerbated  by deliberate, clever judicial decisions and
rulings designed to antagonize and frustrate both police officers
and black people.  The provocateurs of the plot never cease their

When this plot was heating up, I took my information and evidence
to the Los Angeles Federal Department of Justice.

Andrea Ordin,  the head  of the department, covered up the entire
plot and  destroyed the  evidence given  to her  and claimed  she
never got  it, then  refused to talk with me again.  Andrea Ordin
is the  wife of a Federal Judge who is a close associate of Harry
Pregerson and Stephen Reinhardt in the plot.

I took  information and evidence of the Inter-State Bank fire, in
which a  man was  murdered, to  an L.A. Deputy District Attorney.
District Attorney  Ira Reiner  covered up this evidence because a
close  associate  of  his,  Superior  Court  Judge  Savitch,  was
involved in  the fire  which was  set to burn up files related to
the Palo  Verde Nuclear  Plant and  the records  of  the  Ventura
County Public  Facilities Corporation  which in  owned  by  Judge
Jerome Berenson  and Ben  Nordman who  own the  Bank of  A. Levy.
Jerome Berenson  is a  close associate  of  Harry  Pregerson  and
Savitch and a top person in the plot.

The four  L.A.P.D. officers indicted are not guilty of any crimes
but are  victims of  an outrageously  fantastic mind manipulation
and mass  hypnotism of  both black  and white  people  sinisterly
programmed by  master psychiatrists  and  propaganda  experts  to
react in  such a  manner as  to set-off  riots and revolutions on
such a scale it will dwarf the Watts Riots.

District  Attorney  Ira  Reiner's  office  cannot  prosecute  the
L.A.P.D. officers  because of  overwhelming conflict  of interest
and prejudice  because of his cover up and prejudice and official
protection of  judges deeply  involved in  the incredible plot to
overthrow the L.A.P.D. and its lawful duties.

The Federal  Justice Department  cannot  prosecute  the  L.A.P.D.
officers because of its conflict of interest involving the cover-
up of  the judges  brutality and  kidnapping in the Santa Barbara
incident which  was committed  by Judges  involved in the plot to
cover-up their  criminal acts  involving  Chief  Justice  Malcolm
Lucas, and  if the  officers were prosecuted, it would be against
their constitutional rights because they would have no fair means
of appeal before the State Supreme Court.

Keeping  in  mind  that  the  head  of  the  Justice  Department,
Thornburgh, is  an ex-Federal Judge;  as is Sessions, the head of
F.B.I.;   also Webster,  head of  C.I.A.;   and Lucas  is an  ex-
Federal Judge,  all controlled by Judge Harry Pregerson and Judge
Stephen Reinhardt  who are  extremely powerful  and  have  untold
millions of dollars at their command.

Instead of  Chief Gates resigning, Mayor Thomas Bradley should be
removed because  of his  and Brookins  extortion of Coors and his
betrayal of  both black  and white  people  in  covering  up  the
sinister plot.    If  Bradley  had  done  his  official  duty  to
safeguard the  people, the  plot could have been exposed and very
probably the King incident would not have occurred.

The Grand  Jury members  are placed in office by the influence of
judges and  to my  knowledge have  been a  tool of  the  District
Attorney in  attempts for  many years to destroy honest competent
police administrators;   such  as attempts  to remove  Chief Thad
Brown and  Lt. Herman  Zander, which  failed.   Because  of  this
situation, a  totally independent  special Grand  Jury should  be
picked and  an in-depth  investigation of  the whole  sordid plot
against both  the L.A.P.D. and the black citizens of Los Angeles,
and the real perpetrators prosecuted.

These indicted  officers are  victims.   They should  not  suffer
felony prosecutions and be sent to prison.

The real  culprits, the  U.S. Senators  and other politicians who
failed their  duties and covered up the evidence of the monstrous
plot;   such as  Senators Joseph  Biden, Strom  Thurmond,  Howlin
Heflin are the real villains.

As it  stands now  the lives  of these officers and the lives and
future of  their wives  and children have forever been destroyed.
No one  can ever  live it  down, but they can be saved.  With the
proper defense  they can be saved, the light of the sun can shine




/s/ Gary L. Wean
 [originally handwritten]

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