3 out of 4 Believe New World Order/White House caused 911

Less than 1% believe the "militias" are behind it


This internet poll that shows that three quarters of Americans blame jews/NWO for 911 is much more accurate than the LYING jews at Gallup, who are off by almost half on their sodomy polls.






Where are the jews in this list??? In my humble opinion, The Rothschild family gave the orders for something this big to happen! Down thru the jew pyramid to Rockefeller here, & Sharon in ITS-A-LIE! Jews and/or bought & paid for shabez-goyim in the Moosad, fbi & cia, etc. actually carried out the Operation! To me, that is how every jew Operation is done! Oklahoma Bombing, TWA 800, Waco, etc. It is just standard operation procedure! I am surprised that so many people are so Stupid & Blind they cannot see it! Its like the Mob in Chicago in the 20's, Capone gave the orders to Frank Nitti, he told other Capo's & they gave the Dossier to the Hitmen! It always happens with a "Chain of Command"! When people say "The New World Order", or Illuminati, or The Masons, or The Tri-Lateral Commission, or the CFR, or The Bilderbergers, etc. Add Nauseam, Why can they not peel back that next "Artichoke Leaf" to get to the "Heart" of the matter & see that behind ever one of those groups & more are the same jews pulling the strings with the Rothschild family at the top of the jew food chain??? I am not that smart that I am one of the only ones that can see this so OBVIOUS to me! Mullins writes about it in his books! At least all these White Race Slaves out here should be able to see who their jew MASTERS are! Not that they will lift a finger to try to Free themselves, BUT at least know who is Screwing up themselves & the rest of the Planet!  MBJ



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Posted By: lawgiver1
Date: Sunday, 15 September 2002, 6:47 p.m.


Nearly 36,000 people have viewed this poll in the past 6 months, and more than 9,500 votes were cast. This poll was open to the public - with a restrictive one vote per viewer written into the software script - from March 13 until September 11, 2002.

Notice how the alleged "terrorists" (according to the NWO controlled media) only received a COMBINED total vote of 20.3% (Bin Laden, al-Qaida, Saddam Hussein), but the combined NWO and White Hosue vote is a commanding 73.2% majority of all votes.

That's the same as saying that nearly 3 out of 4 public internet viewers who voted believe the New World Order and/or the White House actually caused and was the major force behind the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers on 9-11-01:


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Poll Question:

More than six months has passed since the 9-11 disaster. Who do you honestly believe actually caused and was the major force behind the destruction of the World Trade Center?

Results: (9523 votes counted)
Osama bin Laden   (5.0 %) 473 votes
American militias   (0.4 %) 36 votes
The White House   (22.9 %) 2183 votes
The Pentagon   (3.0 %) 285 votes
The Taliban / al-Qaida   (12.5 %) 1192 votes
Sadaam Hussein (Iraq)   (2.8 %) 270 votes
The New World Order   (50.3 %) 4792 votes
Other   (3.1 %) 292 votes