General James


More than 2,000 military and commercial pilots met and concluded that 4 airline jets could not have bumbled around for an hour before 911 and never be intercepted, unless someone issued an order for them to stand down.

Who could have ordered them to stand down?

General James, in charge of the Air National Guard, who first expunged AWOL US Air Force Officer Lt. George Bush, and who would have no qualms whatsoever lying in court about his role in 911, and protecting Bush at all costs?

LTC Burkett, was working on active duty under General James and Governor Bush to develop a "work out strategic plan" for the Texas National Guard beginning in June 1996. At time of incidents, served as direct advisor to Gen James.

NOTE: Last December 1, 2001, Bush nominated Gen. James to be the Director of the Air National Guard of the United States. As Director of the Air National Guard of the US, Gen. James will be responsible for the direct control of all airspace over the Continental United States and will be the first responsible Officer for managing the network which scrambles fighters.

LTC Ret. Burkett stated, "I submitted official challenge, as did other former national guard officers, to the appointment of James. In Texas, James is still the defendant within civil courts for anti-Semitic actions, retaliation and gender discrimination. USA Today in December alleged that James falsified federal personnel and readiness documents in a scam to obtain an additional $20 million dollars per year in funding for the Guard."

How sweet.  If Bush knew he could count on General James to falsify military training records, he CERTAINLY knew he could count on him to participate in 911 without every uttering a word of truth.