Steroids & Obesity

The HEADLINES in newspapers all around the world, in Russia, in China, in Korea, all over Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, and even in parts of Africa, is that STEROIDS in American beef is why NOBODY will accept GATT

Steroids: Koreans want Myung Bak Lee OUT

One of the most popular presidents ever elected in Korea, who was treated like royalty right after his election, is now so unpopular because of ONE agreement he made with the US--to import American beef.

The LIE is that 80,000 Koreans have now surrounded his presidential mansion to demand his ouster because of "mad cow disease"--the TRUTH is they want him out because of STEROIDS.

"Mad cow disease" is a jew-created fantasy to conceal the fact that nobody in the world wants to consume all the STEROIDS which caused tremendous health problems for Americans, not the least of which is 1,200 Americans who die EACH DAY solely because of weight-related illnesses caused by STEROIDS.  THEY know it, so why do we NOT know it?




PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) had an excellent story August 11, 2000 about the demise of the small American farm.  It was a nostalgic tour which began at the creation of farms and the building of farmhouses and ended at the almost complete collapse of the family farm.  But PBS proved that it is merely a propaganda arm of the jews when a credible looking professor opined "we just don't know why the American family farm can't compete any longer"


This is a bald faced LIE. 

There's NO QUESTION that these steroids" KILL people, 300 THOUSAND ANNUALLY in the US alone, and are THE reason 61% of Americans are OBESE.  This didn't happen by itself, it's VERY easy to make the connection, and there's NO reason we should permit ANY of our food supply to be genetically and chemically altered by JEWS who don't eat it.

PBS should be shut down for intentionally spreading such false information.  We know exactly why the American family farm can't compete any more, and it is exactly the same reason the Mexican family farm, and the  Korean family farm, and any family farm in the world whose country was coerced into buying American food, can't compete.  Mexico has a very low labor rate, low costs for farm supplies and equipment, and productive soil, but they can't grow and sell pigs, cows, corn, rice, or beans cheaper than they can buy it from the US.  The women on Mexican farms get up at 4 am and begin the process of cleaning and cooking their own beans which are used in almost every meal during the day, even though they could have saved 3 hours by buying beans from the US, already cleaned.   Korean farmers, whose government was coerced by the US to buy American products, now have to compete with American corporate farms which sell beef at half the price.

Japan and many European nations have refused to sign GATT because this would have required them to do the same thing, so their family farms still compete in the marketplace.  One of their stated reasons for not wanting American food products is that they contain steroids and genetically altered ingredients.  The evidence suggests that the reason our corporate farms are so efficient is not their capital investment in modern equipment, but their use of steroids and genetic engineering to more than double the weight of their products, which of course shows up at the counter as an increase in productivity.  American cows pumped up on steroids hardly look like, much less taste like, the cows grown in other countries.

In 1950 the average American farm worker produced enough food to feed 22 people.  By 1993, excluding exports, the average American farm worker produced enough to feed 85 people.  It would be reasonable to expect capital investments in the latest farm equipment to have increased productivity by 2% per year over that 43 years, to 52 people per farm worker, or about half of this four fold increase in productivity.

What other than steroids, genetic engineering, and other scientific tampering with our food supply could possibly explain such a dramatic increase in "productivity"?  Is this why the body weight of the average American increased by 30 pounds during this timeframe.  Is this why SAT scores decreased 98 points?  Is this why jews have kosher food which precludes jews from eating the steroids and genetically altered foods which Christians eat?

To grasp how quickly this *vital truth* is being excised from the public consciousness, you will find that most of the following links are to pages which have disappeared from the internet:

  • US tries to force Europeans to accept American beef through GATT.
  • US tries to force Korea to accept American beef through the WTO.
  • US tries to force Japan to accept American beef through trade negotiations.
  • US tries to force Mexico to accept American beef through NAFTA.
  • US gets caught trying to ship banned hormone-treated beef to England.
  • Argentina bans bovine growth hormone rbST.
  • US and Europe "agree to disagree" on dairy hormone made by Monsanto.
  • World scientists: "death to Monsanto".
  • Australia bans all imported beef.

STEROIDS kill a third of a million Americans per year

Weight-Related Illnesses Kill 300,000 Americans Annually
By Sally Squires

A staggering 61% of American adults currently meet the scientific definition of obesity, putting them at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, depression and several forms of cancer.  Obesity rates among US adults have gone up 30% since the late 1970s. Meanwhile, just one third of US adults meet experts' recommendations for at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week.  "This is probably the most sedentary generation of people in the history of the world.

The U.S. surgeon general called for sweeping changes in schools, restaurants, workplaces and communities to help combat the growing epidemic of Americans who are overweight or obese.

In outlining the first national plan of action for overweight and obesity, Surgeon General David Satcher recommended that schools make their lunch programs less fattening, restrict students' access to vending machines that sell calorie-dense foods and soft drinks, and resume daily physical exercise classes for all children and adolescents, as well as recess for elementary school students.

So both adults and children could eat better, restaurants and fast-food establishments -- where Americans spend about 40 percent of their food budget -- should offer more nutrition information, the report recommends. For their part, employers should include weight management and physical activity counseling in their health insurance coverage and allow employees time to exercise.

Obesity also should be classified officially as a disease, to encourage insurance companies to reimburse for weight-control expenses, the report concludes.  "This is not about aesthetics and it's not about appearances," Satcher said. "We're talking about health." Communities should create safe playgrounds, sidewalks or walking trails, particularly in inner cities, to encourage physical activity, the report recommends.

Because the surgeon general controls no funding, implementing most of the recommendations would fall to the federal, state and local governments. But the surgeon general's reports historically have played an important role in focusing attention on health problems and influencing social change.

Obesity is considered by many public health experts to be one of the nation's most important problems because it is a major risk factor of maladies that include heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.  Nearly 2 out of 3 adults in the United States are overweight or obese, and the number has been increasing.

An Estimated 1,200 People Die Daily From Weight-Related Illnesses

That adds up to 300,000 deaths a year -- more than the number killed annually by pneumonia, motor vehicle accidents and airline crashes combined -- and nearly as many as the 430,000 who die yearly from tobacco-related conditions. Health care costs for overweight and obesity total an estimated $117 billion annually.

Even children are not immune to obesity or its health effects. Nationwide, 13 percent of youngsters are overweight, but a study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that the problem is worse among segments of the population: 22 percent of both black and Hispanic youngsters are overweight, compared with about 12 percent of non-Hispanic white children.

Type II diabetes -- which is closely linked to overweight and used to be limited to adults -- is increasingly diagnosed in children as young as 10. Satcher said children increasingly have high blood pressure and elevated blood cholesterol levels.

While rates of overweight and obesity are rising across all age, geographic, ethnic and socioeconomic groups, the poor are among those hardest hit, Satcher said.

A study published this year by the NIH showed that trimming just 15 pounds could cut the risk of diabetes by 58 percent in those one-step from developing the disease. That, in turn, could cut treatment costs by about $58 million annually.

"That would pay for a lot of health insurance, wouldn't it?" said Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson, who vowed to lose 15 pounds in the New Year.

Daily exercise -- 30 minutes for adults, 60 minutes for children -- is one of the most important defenses against overweight and obesity, the report notes. At the same time, Americans should consume five servings of fruits and vegetables a day and follow more closely the government's dietary guidelines, according to the report.

The report drew praise for shifting the subject of overweight and obesity from a personal problem to a societal challenge.

"What's unique is to have the government saying that we need to address nutrition and physical activity as a societal issue, much like we did for tobacco," said Margo Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit, Washington-based consumer group. "We need to put in place policy and change the environment around people so that it is easier for them to eat well and be active."

Industry groups also praised the report. It shows, noted Lisa Katic of the Grocery Manufacturers of America, "that Secretary Thompson and the surgeon general have examined the obesity issue, and recognized that this is a complex issue and there are no simple solutions".

But others said the report fell short. "I was hoping that the report would address some of the tough issues, including tax policies, that might make the environment safer for people to live healthier, more active lives", said Barbara J. Moore, president of Shape Up America, a nonprofit group founded by former surgeon general C. Everett Koop.

"I'm talking about incentives to make fruits and vegetables cheaper, and for physical activity to be safer and more affordable, like building gyms where populations are at particular risk. Why not do that?"

The surgeon general's report defines overweight as having a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 29.9 or being approximately 20 to 25 pounds overweight. People with a BMI of 30 or more are considered obese and are roughly 30 pounds or more over their healthy weight. (BMI takes height and weight into account and is computed by multiplying body weight in pounds by 703, and then dividing that amount by height in inches squared.)
Washington Post December 14, 2001; Page A03

Expose' of Steroids in Sports