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8th Grade NAEP Math Score, Blacks, District of Columbia

A breathtaking 204


Race/gender gap SKYROCKETS.


SAT scores show a pattern similar to NAEP.


The Beaton/Gonzalez correlation of NAEP and IAEP.


How to use NAEP to conceal this TRUTH!


NAEP by State.

The highest scoring Whites in the country, according to the 1996 NAEP study, are Whites in the District of Columbia who constitute 18% of the test takers who had an average score of 303.  The Asians there who constitute 6% of those who took the test scored 306, and the Hispanics who are 6% of those who took the test scored 260, slightly higher than the national average for Hispanics.

How then do we explain the amazingly low score of the District of Columbia of 231.4?

The ONLY way this is possible is that the 70% of those who took the test who are blacks scored a breathtaking 204, a factoid inconveniently missing from "educators" and their humongous arsenal of education facts.  NOBODY has more education data available to them than American "educators" with the internet at their fingertips--yet NONE of them seem to even be AWARE of this huge FAILURE in their profession: education.

How can it be explained?  The most coddled blacks in the world, the most highly paid blacks in the world (paid much more than Whites in West Virginia right next door), the black students who we pay five times as much per student to educate than we pay to educate Whites in states like North Dakota and Iowa, still score 32 points lower than Jordan and a whopping 96 points lower than Whites in private schools in Texas?





black White Hispanic Asian  
70% 18.00% 6% 6%  
204 303 260 306  
142.8 54.54 15.6 18.36 231.3





In IAEP, US 13 year olds did very poorly as well, scoring only 494, compared to their racial brethren in Switzerland at 539, Asians in Korea at 542, and Spain at 495, one point higher.  If the 74.5% who are Whites scored 539 like their brethren in Switzerland, the 9% who're Hispanics scored 495 like their brethren in Spain, and the 4% who're Asians scored 542 like their brethren in Korea, then the ONLY way to explain this extremely disappointing low score of 495 is if the 12.5% who're blacks scored only 209.  This average for American blacks is 5 points higher than blacks in DC, but a whopping 218 points LOWER than their brethren in Mozambique, at 427.



  Swiss Spain Korea      
black White Hispanic Asian  
12.5% 74.50% 9% 4%  
209 539 495 542  
26.125 401.555 44.55 21.68 493.91


Based on IAEP scores at an age before the race and sex gaps really begin to grow, the 97 point spread between Whites and Texas and blacks in DC represents an IQ point gap of 49 (119 vs. 70):






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