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MSG Poisoning

MSG is a poison, not an allergen


One in a series "Killing Christians Through Better Medicine".

bulletDiscussion Group
bulletList of Reactions
bulletHolistic medicine
bulletFighting against MSG in the food
bulletMSG causes blindness.
bulletMSG is in kosher and halal foods.
bulletMSG is a poison, not an allergen.
bulletMSG use excessively in Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican restaurants.
bulletDoes tyramine cause headaches?
bulletThe real culprit is free glutamic acid which is neurotoxic to 25% to 43% of Americans.
bulletRather than identifying the root problem, American "doctors" prescribe cafergot.
bulletDoctors kill baby, father goes to prison for it.
bulletMSG activists.


Most discussions about MSG presume that this is an ingredient in food that affects only a small percentage of the population.  The problem is that, unless such a discussion takes place on the "national news", too many people won't recognize the symptoms, nor the connection with MSG, nor the source by which they ingested MSG, and thus won't know anything about the role that MSG plays with their adverse health conditions.

The most widely spread misconception about MSG is that it's used in Japanese and some Chinese restaurants and the only thing that's required to avoid ingesting it is to request the restaurant to server MSG-free portions.  This is only a temporary solution, because MSG is in food products that not even the cook is aware of, it's not just Japanese and Chinese restaurants which use MSG, it takes hours for the symptoms to become apparent, and the headaches that people get when using MSG are mere symptoms of far larger neurological problems.

It's now reported that many Mexican restaurants also use MSG to excess.  But what is "excess"?  If an "excess" of MSG does nothing but cause severe headaches, then what occurs when MSG is ingested in amounts that do the almost as much damage to your health, but not enough to trigger the headache?

The headache is not the problem.  The headache is the warning signal a far more serious problem than a mere headache which goes away after three days.  The human body has many, many self defense and immune systems, and they are each very different in every single individual, so modern "doctors" can't possibly understand the etiology of each case of MSG poisoning.  This may be why American "doctors" put their patients on some other expensive drug (out of appreciation to the drug manufacturer who took him on that enjoyable junket last month) rather than honestly report the root of the problem to their patients.

Can you expect your doctor to understand what medical problem the headache warned you about?  If you think you can, then don't read this post, and go talk to him.  But if you ever wondered why we spend twice as much of GDP for "health care" than countries where the life expectancy is 4 years longer, then read the following and discover why you are being slowly poisoned by MSG.  

From: Elizabeth Schwartz ([email protected])

Subject: Re: Avoiding MSG is Hard To Do !!!

Date: 1991-11-15 02:35:28 PST

In article <[email protected]> [email protected] (Hy Tran) writes:
Sometimes, I wonder what our educational system is doing.  Glutamic acid is one
of 20 amino acids found in proteins.  Anytime you digest a protein (i.e.
hydrolize the protein), you'll get glutamic acid (not to mention tryptophan,

  Well, if I eat a large bag of regular potato chips, all is well. Two
ounces of commercial barbecue potato chips and I get a BLINDING migraine.
Two ounces of Cape Cod non-msg-containing barbecue potato chips, all is well.

  Perhaps the problem lies in the VERY high  quantity of MSG used in many
foods? I have found that if I , say , eat one MSG-containing egg roll, I 
get a mildly unpleasant reaction, similar to the effects of one beer. I can 
eat mushrooms and cheese in reasonable quantities. Some mexican food
makes me nearly pass out though; I have not figured out the ingredient
(it's always the "super-nachos" with everything).
  I wonder if there is any study of MSG at high dosages? 
I am certainly not exaggerating. When I was in high school I was seen by 
several doctors. I was diagnosed with and treated for "severe hereditary 
migraines."  It was not until I passed out at a Chinese restaurant that 
my problem was linked to my junk-food eating, and in the ten years 
since I gave up MSG I have had less than half a dozen headaches.

Betsy Schwartz				Internet: [email protected]		
System Administrator			BITNET:ESCHWARTZ%[email protected]
U-Mass Boston  Computer Science Dept.  /*  I work for a university...      */
Harbor Campus  Boston, MA 02125-3393   /*  I'm allowed to express my opinions */


            Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Reaction Samples

Here are a few samples of health problems from ingesting MSG
and/or improvements stopping the ingestion of MSG that I found
on the Net as well as some other relevant posts.  The names have been
removed to protect confidentiality, but many of these posts can be
found in various archives and WWW search engines.

Please note that this is only a small percentage of adverse reactions 
to MSG that have been posted to the Internet over the last 
year.  The adverse reactions posted to the Internet are only a
very small percentage of the total adverse reactions reported to various 

The list is now in *reverse* chronological order such that the newest 
MSG reaction is at the top.

If you are reading the list for the first time, please print out the 
whole list and ***read from the bottom up.***

For updates, *read from the top down* until you reach an adverse 
reaction that you have read before.  I will be updating this every 
week or so.


America Online Post
Subj:  MSG and Asthma
Date:  95-11-12 18:44:36 EDT
From:  ErikC44         

Monosodium Glutamate is responsible for my 8 year old daughters asthma and
having gone into anaphylactic shock.  There are presently 40 different names
to represent MSG on food labels.  They range from Hydrolized Proteins to
Natural flavorings.  If you or someone you know is having trouble with asthma
and are either aware it is caused from MSG or are unsure of its origin and
want more information send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Truth in
Labeling Campaign, P.O. Box 2532, Darien, IL 60561.  The Truth in Labeling
Campaign (TLC) is a nonprofit organization working to require the labeling of
all MSG in all processed food. 


America Online/Allergies, Immune Disorders/Food Allergies group
Subj:  Re:MSG
Date:  96-04-10 19:18:01 EDT
From:  NOdonn1226      

I have had severe GI problems related to MSG for many years. I think this
came on suddenly, but I'm not certain because I didn't know what was causing
it until about ten years ago. If you want to E-mail me, I will be glad to
write and give you more info.


'Bisto' contains MSG
Date           Thu, 9 May 1996 11:13:08 GMT

In the UK, 'Bisto' is a brand of RHM Foods Ltd. It is the market leader
Gravy Granule product.

I have just checked and found that it contains E621 (Mono Sodium
Glutamate), as well as E635, Caramel (unspecified sub-type) and
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

No wonder it triggers my migraine! I know I checked the ingredients years
ago, and it did not contain the MSG at that time.

Although I can avoid using this product at home (are there alternatives
without the additives?), the major problem is restaurants! I expect that
many use the same brand of product, even if it does come in industrial


America Online
Subj:  MSG
Date:  96-05-29 12:41:33 EDT
From:  DHypes7685      

After eight years of multiple health problems and esp chronic fatigue and
PAIN, thanks to several books and one great book "The Food Allergy Book" by
Dr. William Walsh ISBN#0-9631544-7-8, I am cured of an unkown MSG fact according to the biochemical reaction of msg in the
body this problem is probably inherint to every living, breathing mammal on
the face of the earth.  Wake up America!!! The major food corps have found a
loop hole in the FDA's ruling and are adding msg to your food without having
to identify it on the label as such.  They are adding it as a "natural"
ingredient as it it is naturally found in they can add corn and
thus preserve foods with the msg found in corn without labeling it as msg.
 And corn comes in many names like: dextrose, maltose, dextrin, aspartame,
xanthan gum, zein, and the obvious - corn syrup, corn starch or modified food
starch, food starch or just starch and the list goes on and on...  So far ten
in my family are now well from multiple health problems due to hidden sources
of msg now known and avoided.  This discovery has transpired within our
family over the past year with hours of research. Other recommened books are
"The Whole Way to Allergy Relief and Prevention" by Dr. Jacqueline Krohn
ISBN#0-88179-036-2 and "The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance"
by Dr. Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin ISBN#0-517-57756-9.  From these
books we put the puzzle together and the final piece was Dr. Walsh's book.

 We were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (and all its associated names), MS,
Chrohn's Disease, IBS, Diverticutilits, Migraines, TMJ(wore bite guards for
years), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (some had surgery and some wore braces for
years), colitis , gastoenteritis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma (with
inhalers), chostrochondritis, heart "murmur," chronic bronchitis, atopic
dermatitis, dishydrosis, Adult ADD, rhematoid arthritis, Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome, chronic ear infections, vertigo, myofascial pain syndrome, sleep
disorders, edema, anxiety/panic attacks,depression, incontinence (bladder and
bowel), eating disorders, and auditory processing dysfunction to name a few.
 By now you are thinking...this person is crazy...well after all the realted
medical problems suffered that could be possible, however, we no longer have
any of them as long as we avoid msg (which includes processed corn products,
some fermented products, and other items listed in Dr. Walsh's book).  Those
who are now well from all or some of the above medical problems and other
symptoms include my sister, her children, my children, my mother, my
grandchildren, my brother and myself.  Hope this info helps -- what I would
have given to have known it eight years ago...


Re: Monosodium Glutamate & Chinese Restaurant Syndrome: UL?
Date           8 Jun 1996 22:13:12 GMT
Newsgroups     alt.folklore.urban

>I've never personally experienced this, and no one I know has eaten Asian
>food and then complained of the headachey-type symptoms supposedly
>associated with it.

I am sensitive to MSG.  I would not call "headachey-type" a good
description of what I suffer.  Its closer to "on knees begging to die
headache".  MSG is getting less popular even in Asian places.  I think
this is partly because many people that dont react to it at all still
object to it being in the food.  I have had a couple of experiences that
were due to Asian food (One Chinese one Keorean).


Re: Monosodium Glutamate & Chinese Restaurant Syndrome: UL?
Date           Sun, 09 Jun 1996 07:15:45 GMT
Newsgroups     alt.folklore.urban

  I don't know what the "official" consensus is but I can definately
tell you it causes serious problems in my case.  I have extremely bad
reactions to foods containing MSG.  Just a small amount of MSG (such
as that found in most Chinese food) causes migraines and stomach
cramps that last for hours.  If this isn't enough for you, I also have
a book on  "The Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" that I can cite for you.
I'll go look for it if this thread continues.


Monosodium Glutamate & Ch
Date           9 Jun 1996 16:49:55 -0400
Newsgroups     alt.folklore.urban

    here's something from the horse's mouth - I (and my mother) are

    However, in my case, it goes farther than that. I am full-blown
allergic to MSG, to the point that I nearly died about eight years
ago in a US-chain steak house from a steak laden with the stuff.
This was confirmed about a year later when I went for allergy tests
at the behest of my employer when I was suffering what seemed to be
a flu that wasn't going away.

    Needless to say, I had to do a complete change in my diet - to
the point where I now have to check every label of any foodstuffs
commercially manufactured for any sign of MSG. This includes just
about every soup Campbells makes (except for tomato and beef with
vegetables and barley), cheaply made meat pies, flavoured potato and
snack chips, etc. It also means being careful at just about every
restuarant I go to, especially Chinese restuarants. (Mandarin and
Ho-Lee-Chow excepted, as they don't use MSG).

    This has had some benefits, though - I've concentrated more of
fresh stuff, like vegetables and fruit. Not only that, but I found
that some of the extreme mood swings I suffered in my childhood and
teen years (nothing really violent, but I tended to be overly
sensitive and would go into fits of anger and/or sobbing at the
slightest provocation) came much more under control so I could make
some adjustments to my mental outlook. In fact, if my problems do
recur, most often it turns out that I'd inadvertently eaten
something that contained MSG.

    MSG intolerance is NOT an urban legend, believe you me. I have
it, my mother has it, and so do many other people I know.


Re: What foods cause depression ?
Date           10 Jun 1996 10:19:33 GMT

>Chinese food from a Chinese carryout absolute KILLS me for many many days.
>If I make the same thing at home, I feel great, but if I get take out,
>whatever they put in there absolutely KILLS ME!

Yeah - same here. I read somewhere (can't recall where right now) that the
culprit is monosodium glutamate - which is why I also try to stay away
from chips & other foods that have this in. Trouble is, it is a
preservative and *so many* processed foods have it! But I always feel ten
times worse after eating anything with MSG!


Re: MSG (A diversion of a followup)
Date           Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:38:05 -0500

Excuse me. This is bunk. Pure and simple. I'm allergic to MSG and
boycott restaurants using it, regardless of ethnicity of food served.
The symptoms aren't hard to spot and I adamantly won't return to a
restaurant where I've been served food containing it. I have data from my
doctor detailing how MSG effects some people. There's certainly scientific
evidence to support MSG allergies.

My point is that medical researchers not funded by Campbells soup or any
of the other huge food providers using MSG have detailed research
indicating that some segment of the population is in fact allergic to MSG.

You wanna cite experts, cite those who don't USE the damn stuff, please.

Why am I so angry about this? Simple. MSG make me sick. If it doesn't
bother you, fine. But please don't pass Narsai David off as an expert on
this. If he's too lazy to cook soups and sauces to a satisfactory taste
and feels the need to add MSG in order to improve the taste, let him also
put a sign in his restaurant indicating that along with Basil or Paprika,
he uses MSG.

As a further indicator: many of us who are sensitive to sulfites (no
longer allowed to be used in fresh food preparation) are allergic to MSG.


Re: Monosodium Glutamate & Chinese Restaurant Syndrome: UL?
Date           10 Jun 1996 19:23:49 GMT
Newsgroups     alt.folklore.urban

well, as long as we're getting anecdotal here, I generally have a bad
reaction from alot of MSG, though not at as high a level as some have
complained of. I'd also point out that a lot of the chinese restuarants
around here (boston) advertise their lack of MSG, and none are suprised
when you ask for your food without it.


Re: Monosodium Glutamate & Chinese Restaurant Syndrome: UL?
Date           Tue, 11 Jun 1996 18:52:27 GMT
Newsgroups     alt.folklore.urban

>To be sensitive to the "noise level" of MSG that can be found
>in ordinary supermarket items must be pure hell.

Indeed. I have to be extremely careful or I wind up with the Headache
from Hell, lasting several days in extreme cases. I'll know pretty
quickly, though, whether I've been had, as I get a series of warm
flashes within an hour or so after consuming an amount above my
own noise threshold. The warmer and more  frequent the flashes,
the more severe the symptoms.


Re: Monosodium Glutamate & Ch
Date           13 Jun 1996 06:52:10 -0400
Newsgroups     alt.folklore.urban

As an Asian-American who grew up eating Chinese and Japanese food, I think
can blow a hole in this statement. My experience as a child was that
anytime my family went out to eat at a Japanese or Chinese restaurant, I
would always complain of having a headache--sort of a dull pressure, not a
sharp pain--as well as a numbness in the mouth.

Looking back on these symptoms, I have a hunch that they were caused by
MSG, because it's the only thing I can think of that might have been the
trigger. Since leaving the nest, I have essentially stopped going to
Japanese restaurants and only eat at Chinese restaurants that do not add
MSG to their foods. I have never had a recurrence of the type of headache
I had as a child eating in Asian restaurants. I think also that this is
one of the reasons that I really despise Japanese food to this day, a fact
that causes my Japanese grandmother no small concern. Oh, well!

I've also heard that there's a connection between MSG sensitive people and
people who are Aspartame (NutraSweet) intolerant. When NutraSweet first
hit the market, I tried diet soda sweetened with it, and every time I did,
I'd end up with a splitting headache. After the fourth time or so, I gave
up on the artificially sweetened beverages and stayed with sugared ones.
Several years later, I read an article that made the MSG/NutraSweet

Is this psychological? I don't know, but considering that the symptoms for
both MSG and aspartame hit me BEFORE I ever had any inkling that they had
a reputation for causing such problems, I'd have to say that in my case
it's physiological, not psychological.


Re: What foods cause depression ?
Date           Wed, 12 Jun 1996 23:11:09 -0500

I don't know about MSG being a preservative, but I do know
that it is a flavor inhancer. It is the only ingredient in

I suffer from migraines(sp?), and I discovered that I would
get a migraine after eating chinese food(sometimes while
eating it depending on how much of the stuff is in the food).
I'm not sure if it can cause depression, but I do know that
after I've had one of my migraines I have many days of recovery
and a listless, vague, sence of what is around me. I guess
you could say that it does "enhance" depressive feelings. At
least they do me. I would advise anyone who suffers from
depression unipolar or bipolar to keep away from the stuff.

What a terrible thing to turn a sugar beet into.


Re: Cafergot any side effects ?
Date           Mon, 17 Jun 1996 14:37:06 GMT

I second the support for Cafergot.  After 30 years of headaches, it finally
gave me enough non-headache time to systematically discover my triggers.
It works great for me, except in the cases where I have a heavy dose of
toxin (trigger) which is not metabolized yet.   This is common if I get
too much alcohol (which is sometimes 1 drink) or MSG.


Re: Monosodium Glutamate & Chinese Restaurant Syndrome: UL?
Date           19 Jun 96 22:01:12 UTC
Newsgroups     alt.folklore.urban

: >I've never personally experienced this, and no one I know has eaten Asian
: >food and then complained of the headachey-type symptoms supposedly
: >associated with it.

I can asure you that my wife experiences similar reactions to MSG.


MSG Reaction - Veg Web Board/Health
From: Iweridd
Subject: Re: MSG
Date: June 15, 1996 at 05:19 GMT

I have also found I cannot tolerate MSG. I get headaches from MSG, but
sometimes the headaches are severe and have caused me to vomit. I
avoided Chinese food for years because I would usually get sick from
it. Now that consumers are more aware of MSG, I have been able to find
Chinese restaurants that do not use MSG. In my local area, there are 3
Chinese restaurants. 1 of them never uses MSG, so that is the only one
I patronize. Other things to watch out for....Ranch style salad
dressing almost always contains MSG. Many potato chips and snack foods
contain MSG. Frozen convenience foods often contain it. You really
have to read the labels. But as it goes by several different names, it
is hard to always find out. (Well, until the headache kicks in.)


MSG Reaction - Veg Web Board -
From: Tina
Subject: Re: MSG
Date: June 13, 1996 at 23:07 GMT

When I am subjected to MSG, I have a tendency to swell
up like a balloon! Not only that, I experience shortness
of breath and my face gets real blotchy.

Many asian restaurants cater to very specific dietary
concerns. For religious / spiritual reasons, many asians
cannot eat ANY preservatives of any kind. If you specify
NO MSG at the restaurants you frequent, you will find
that they will get used to your needs rather quickly.
ESPECIALLY if you tell them that you are allergic to it.
No restaurant owner wants to be taken to court over MSG!

I can tell immediately if a dish contains MSG. If someone
trys to pass it off on me after I've specifically asked
them not to, then management needs to know about.

Restaurants that serve up fresh food should not have a
problem accomodating your request. MSG brightens up
"old" vegetables and gives them a glossy appearance. Who
wants to eat old food anyway?

Bottomline. Make sure your needs are known and don't feel
bad about speaking up about it.


MSG Reaction - Veg Web Board -
From: Maraya
Subject: Re: MSG
Date: June 14, 1996 at 07:52 GMT

For years, I didn't know what was giving me migraine headaches and a
terrible upset stomach. When I discovered it was MSG, I had a hard
time. It was in everything! Now it is easier because I don't eat all
those processed foods anymore, but I still find it, even in canned
organic products. For example, Westbrae canned organic beans have
"autolyzed yeast," which is a form of MSG. It goes by many names. I
have a list somewhere, and I'll post it when I find it. By the way,
when you find a restaurant that is unwilling to be concerned about MSG
allergy, just tell them you have high blood pressure or a heart
condition, and you MUST limit your sodium intake or you could become
very ill. They usually listen to that, and may go out of their way to
prepare something for you.


America Online/Gen. Disab./Interstitial Cystitis & Diet group
Subj:  RE: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Date:  95-05-25 14:12:48 EDT
From:  Artist2001

Anybody else have a problem with this stuff?  Or have an "antidote" for it
(like baking soda or Tums are for acid foods sometimes)? I found out from a
doctor on a radio show that MSG can be legally called "natural flavor" on a
package label.  So now I avoid things with "natural flavor" too--- which
means avoiding a whole lot of prepared foods and spending a lot more time in
the kitchen.


Date           Thu, 27 Jun 1996 12:14:11 -0700

In response to your posting about MSG,  for me personally, MSG triggers
my asthma and also raises my blood pressure.


Date           Fri, 28 Jun 1996 07:51:03 EST

MSG is a flavour enhancer. Basically it is salt. It looks like a fine white
powder. My whole family is allergic to it. Get the sweats, dizzy, headache
sleeplessness... and once I passed out in a Chinese restaurant because of it.
I read the labels and avoid foods with it in. It is used in Chinese
restaurants a lot. Ask them not to and they wont use it in the stirfrys. But
the MSG is usually already added to things like egg rolls and spring rolls and
pre made stuff like that.


America Online/General Health Disc./Migraines
Subj:  Re:msg/aliases
Date:  96-06-26 00:18:44 EDT
From:  LACY1893        

I've had migraines for over 20 years.  My how time flies when your having
The thing that has made the most dramatic improvement in my frequency of
headaches was reading the book "In Bad Taste...MSG"  After following the
advice in the book, I have cut down on my headaches by 50%.  
By the way, my neurologist, bless his heart, says there is no way MSG can
make me have a headache; but, I know better!!!


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 09:53:04 +0900
To: [email protected]
Subject: Grateful in South Korea

Dear xxxx,

I'm mainly writing to you to say THANKS.  Your work on the net has helped me
more than you can imagine.  I am Australian but am living in South Korea,
teaching in a small university here in a far rural area. For you
information, here is my experience with one of your favourites, MSG.

Ever since we arrived here, 2 years ago, I have had a dreadful insomnia
problem.  3 or 4 nights a week I'd been awake until 4, 5 in the morning, my
head racing, ears ringing, muscles jittery. (particularly front of my
thighs, almost sore they were so tense).  I tried to link the problem with
everything.  I knew it had to be related to Korea because everytime I left
the country on holidays, problem disappeared.   Since we came to Korea, I've
gained 10 kilos, and combined with sleep problems I was starting to become
extremely depressed about everything in general.  My periods started to be
really irregular, and with mood swings, weight gain etc I thought problem
must be hormonal.

I had thought of MSG early on:  they sell the stuff in various sizes up to 5
kilo bags in all the local supermarkets and grocery stores, in fact, they
sell more msg than salt.  I tried avoiding Korean food but it wasn't a total
ban, and it didn't work.  I thought it could have been reaction to plastic
wallpaper and plastic flooring in our apartment, stress (but I wasn't
stressed), sleeping on the floor, dust, I was even starting to think of
electromagnetic fields, I was desperate as I was walking around like a
zombie for lack of sleep and if problem hadn't been solved I think I would
have had to give up here.

Anyway, I went to a western (American) doctor in Seoul a few weeks ago, as a
final resort.  I told him my symptoms and even mentioned I suspected MSG,
but he didn't see any reason to think about food. (when do western doctors
ever think about causes?)  He gave me anti-depressants and vitamin B
tablets.  I came home and couldn't bare the thought of taking the
anti-dpressants, and in a final act of desperation, searched for MSG on the
net, which we were only just connected to.  I found your MSG article.

Everything made sense when I read it. I'm female, 28 y.o.  I'm asthmatic and
have a few allergies, suffer from mood swings and hypoglycemia.  I was
diagnosed a couple of years ago with fibromyalgia, another diagnosis I
rejected and something I managed to make myself feel better over by getting
some acupuncture. (now I wonder if  that was caused by aspartame, I was
drinking a couple of cans of diet coke a day at that stage, I've just read
you aspartame article). Your description of who should avoid MSG fitted me

So after reading your article,  I just stopped eating Korean food, period.
Within 2 days problem solved! In past few weeks I've slept every night
except two nights where I ate Korean food.  As I said, I'd thought of MSG
before but trouble was sometimes I'd not be able to sleep and I'd eaten home
cooked western food all day, I hadn't realised effects could hang around for
72 hours. 


Subject: Headaches
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 05:10:12 GMT

I'm new to this group.  Just discovered it.  I suffered from terrible
headaches for years, but about 3 years ago, someone told me about m.s.g. 
and that some people are sensitive to it.  It is in nearly every 
processed food we eat.  I realized that I had been consuming m.s.g. daily for
years.  It came to the point where I would be in bed for entire days and
suffering from nausea as well.  When I cut out m.s.g.  3/4 of my problem
was solved.  I found that I am sensitive to other foods as well, but 
taking an allergy pill helps those, but it would not touch a headache caused
by m.s.g.  I can have it now in VERY small amounts (such as in soups) without
an adverse reaction.  But I was off it entirely for a couple of years.

The headache usually starts in the back of the neck and you may feel a little
dizzy.  It's usually in one side of your head.  Also, with me an m.s.g.
reaction doesn't usually happen until about 12 hours after I've consumed the
food with m.s.g.

So if you have headaches you can
t get rid of try elliminating m.s.g.  It MIGHT help.


America Online/MSG Reaction - Allergies, Immune Disorders/Chem Sensitivities
Subj:  Re:MSG
Date:  96-04-10 19:07:58 EDT
From:  Maotz           

I have sensitivity to MSG, and simply avoid the stuff - no flavored chips,
reading ingredients on frozen foods, no fried rice or egg rolls at Chinese
restaurants (more goes in this than anything else) I can get by eating at
these restaurants if I just avoid those two foods, but I still cannot eat
there two or more daysin a row, I have to watch the freguency of Chinese food
unless they specify in the restaurant NO MSG. Then I can merrily eat there as
much as I want or as funds permit.  I also avoid some processed meats like
hotdogs balogne, which is rather easy for me because I don't like these
foods, but I can't even eat them to be polite,  You'd be surprised how often
this comes up on camp-outs, parties, etc.  I'm just considered eccentric
about what I'll put in my mouth, but better that than hogging the restroom
the whole night about an hour after ingesting these foods! 
    The only sure-cure I've found is avoidance.  I feel if I do get the runs,
I want the poison out of my system as soon as possible, so no Keopectate!


Re: Migraines and Food intolerances/alergies
Date           12 Feb 1996 11:21:01 GMT

On Feb 11, 1996 14:30:42 in article <Migraines and Food
intolerances/alergies>, '[email protected] (cort)' wrote:
Small quantities of MSG will give me a very bad bilateral
vasscular headadche the following day or days.


Re: Migraines and Food intolerances/alergies
Date           12 Feb 1996 16:20:52 GMT

Many of my migraine triggers are foods or additives:  MSG, balsamic vinegar,
pickled herring, olives, etc.


Re: Progression of Fibromyalgia
Date           13 Feb 1996 17:16:31 GMT

Consider yourself added to my prayer list! My church and faith have
maintained my sanity during insane times....

About myself___
I was diagnosed with FM 16 years ago when I couldn't climb the stairs to
get my two year old up from his nap (I had put off seeing a Doctor for
weeks). I fully anticipated putting a ramp on the front of my house.. the
pain in my legs was so intense. I remember praying to God at the time that
I would accept anything if He would only let me keep the feeling in/use of
my hands. Imagine bartering with God.
MSG has always been a
no-no.. instant flare up!


Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 22:29:01 -0800
Subject: msg
To: Multiple recipients of list ALLERGY <[email protected]>

my reaction to msg is getting more severe as i get older. i am a 44 yr
old white male with no other health problems and only mild allergy
problems related to trees and dust. i am not obese. i suffer severe water
retention when i ingest msg. my problem is encounters of the "eating out"
kind. i cannot identify msg at restaurants. is there a list of all of the
different names associated with msg. i use benedryl when i suspect that i
have ingested msg. is there any better way to treat? i am 185lbs but
usually go to 195 when i encounter msg. after 36 hours i can spend hours
in the restroom as i have a flood of water when my body releases the
fluid build up. any suggestions?

MSG List
Date           Tue, 19 Mar 1996 00:18:00 -0500
Newsgroups     bit.listserv.autism

Here you go, and remember, read your labels. I know being off of this stuff
has drematically changed my family.
We stay away from;
Red dyes# 3, 27, 30, & 40
Yellow dyes#5 & 6
nitrates, and nitrites
aspartame and nutrasweet
Monosodium Glutamate
The FDA does not require lableing for MSG disguised foods, please be aware of
the following:
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
hydrolyzed plant protein
calcium caseinate
yeast extract textured protein
plant protein extract
sodium casienate
autolyzed yeast
hydrolyzed oat flour

Additives that frequently contain MSG
malt extract
malt flavoring
natural flavoring
natural chicken or beek flavoring
soy protein concentrate
soy protein isolate
whey protein concentrate


Re: MSG & sulfites
Date           Wed, 6 Mar 1996 17:55:38 GMT

Yes...along with the people who don't have such a sensistivity reacting
with disbelief (once I had to show someone that I really could tell which
foods did and did not have MSG, merely on the basis of which ones didn't
smell like vomit).  I'm sensitive to a lot of "flavor enhancers", including
MSG, sulphites sometimes give me a problem, and garlic and NutraSweet also
give me problems (in case you're trying to correlate triggers; it might be
a general cause, also if you have an MSG allergy/sensitivity, you might
want to be careful about a garlic treatment.  I'm no doctor, though.)

There are some products out there without MSG, although some use other
MSG-like substances, which also seem to set me off, so it might be the
sodium.  As a practical matter, avoid anything which seems to trigger you,
regardless of what the labels say.


American Online/MSG Question
Subj:  MSG
Date:  95-10-14 23:00:34 EST
From:  Mike8787

My mother has recently developed a problem when eating foods with MSG... she
becomes nauseous, vomits, very sick to her stomach. This is something that
happened suddenly, without warning, and she has to be very careful not to eat
anything containing MSG, sometimes difficult in restaurants...


Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 14:59:46 -0700
To: [email protected]
Subject: Add me to your list...

If you have any sort of list of people that have reactions to MSG or can 
forward to anyone on your MSG page, you may want to know that I suffer 
migraines and vomiting from MSG and that I can easily tell by my 
reactions whether food I consume contained the substance (blindly).


Re: constant headaches
Date           Mon, 20 May 1996 01:35:06 GMT
MSG is my enemy.


Do I really need it?
Date           10 May 1996 09:24:23 -0400

My Mom  gave me one  of her  old  cookbooks  because I'm kind of in a 60's
 retro  cooking phase. Anyways  I  didn't  notice  till  I  got it home
that  literally  every  recipe calls  for  Accent (mono-sodium
glutomate). Do  I  really need it?
(Gives  me   a  headache)  Can I leave it out?  And  if  I do, do  I need
to sub  something  for it?


Subject        taco seasoning mix
Date           Sat, 01 Jun 1996 23:46:13 GMT

    I have found that I get sick from monosodium glutamate and now
skip food with msg with no problem with one exeption.  Could someone
please post recipes for taco seasoning mix.  I cant find any without
it and dying for good ol' tacos. Thanks, Jay


Re: Seeking some advice
Date           Wed, 12 Jun 1996 22:05:29 -0500

My biggest trigger is MSG. Other things are also triggers, but I have
been able to control my choices and situations.  As he says, ddoing
without somthing is no deprivation if it avoids the migraine result.  By
reading labels carefully and asking at restaurants about contents, I am
able to avoid MSG. Cracker Barrel and Olive Garden restaurtants have
been very accommodating, as are most of our local restaurants, with
chefs knowledgeable and/or checking labels of their ingredients.
Campbells Soup Co is now supplying products without MSG and will send
consumers information about their products as will Kraft Co. (800 phone
numbers are on labels.)



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