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Why the 19th Amendment Must Be Repealed

Scientific Evidence that Men and Women are Designed Differently



Feminazi of the month: Smelly Words.


Women voters caused government spending to grow geometrically.


87% of Men Score Higher than Top Woman in Golf.


Women voters enabled Clinton's election.


Only 3% of Democrats would elect a woman for president.


Women voters reduced Personal Savings to zero and left the US with the industrialized world's only negative Personal Savings rate.


Women start the majority of static-related fires.


Women voters continue to support government growth even though the average net worth of an American household is now a negative $77,000 each.


Women voters subsidize single-mother households even though children in Mother-only Households are three times more likely to be fatally abused than in Father-only Households and even though the mothers' involvement decreases the likelihood of students' getting mostly 'A's by 32% and the fathers' involvement doubles it.  (Single-mother households vs. single-father households)


Women voters demand more female pilots even though women pilots are four times more likely to crash than men pilots.


Women voters demand DUI laws which discriminate against men even though women drivers are two times more likely than men to have a fatal or injury accident.


Women voters pass numerous laws which intentionally and systematically discriminate against men and fathers.


Women voters pass tax laws which enable women as a group to pay zero percent of federal taxes.


Women voters demand "gender equality" in the workforce even though zero percent of American 12th grade girls correctly answered TIMSS math and physics questions.


Women voters pass laws reducing male college admissions to only 40% even though 98.5% of the top fiftieth percentile of GRE test takers are men.


Women voters implement affirmative action for women even though the negative contribution of one female employee in the workforce is equivalent to the positive contribution of 14 male employees and GDP per Capita decreases $2,450 for each one percent increase in the percent of the workforce which is women.


Women voters demand preferential treatment for women but not Asians, even though Asians are as unlikely as women to be police and Asian males score 87 SAT points higher than white females.


Women voters demand special privileges for female employees even though males score higher in NAEP Math & Science, IAEP Math & Science, SAT Math & Verbal, ACT Natural Science, Social Science, & Math, TIMSS Math & Science, and GRE tests.


Women voters enable women to file the 90% of accusations of child abuse which are known to be false, without penalty.


Women voters enable women to file the 95% of rape accusations which are known to be false, without penalty.


Women voters enable 70% of American wives to commit adultery within 5 years of marriage, without penalty.


Women voters enable one out of five children born to intact families to not be genetically linked to husband, without penalty.


Women voters (even though females are known to be the majority perpetrator) enable women to commit domestic violence, without penalty.


Women voters enabled prayer in public schools to be banned.


Women voters support feminism: an abomination before God!


Women voters support feminist Supreme Court Justices who are systematically destroying society.


Women voters support population control in violation of God's will.


Women voters passed 20,000 ineffective gun control laws in violation of the Second Amendment.


Women voters established an "entitlement mentality" and continue to support welfare and federal "child abuse prevention" programs even long after they are proven failures.


Women voters support politicians who fail to honor their oaths of office.


Women voters jeopardize national security by allowing women to be admitted to military schools.


Women voters support totalitarianism even though the US Constitution established the United States as a republic.


Women voters established secularism in education in violation of our charter as a Christian nation.


Women voters refuse to hold women as accountable as men.


Each 1% increase in female judges put 61,000 additional American men in prison.


Men voters are more reliable because of their superior physical, emotional, and mental attributes.   (Graphs only)


Men are twice as likely as women to "work consistently".


Exposing woman power.


Exposing woman LIES.


The colossal failure of women CEO's:


Linda Wachner of Warnaco summarily fired after losing $334 million in one year.


Carly Fiorina leads HP stock in 80% plunge in value.


Jill Barad fired after Mattel loses $18.4 million in one quarter.


Men voters are more qualified because of their superior accomplishments.


Men voters with 3 1/2 billion more brain cells are more trustworthy as a group.


Men are less likely than women to experience stress in their daily lives. Specifically, 27% of men say they "rarely" or "never" experience stress in their daily lives, compared to 17% of women. On the other extreme, 37% of men say they "frequently" experience stress, compared to 46% of women. [Dec. 5-8, 2002]

mf.jpg (46912 bytes)

Art Hu's Correlation of IQ and SAT Scores

The feminized American education system produces the world's worst students at one of the highest education costs on planet Earth.  

Our 12th grade boys scored lower than any other country's 12th grade boys--110 points lower than France and 102 points lower than Switzerland in Advanced Math.  Yet 12th graders from countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong, whose 8th graders scored more than 100 points higher than ours, didn't even participate.

Our 12th grade girls scored another 31 points lower than our boys and 141 points lower than French boys.

Our low scores are not the most shocking aspect of the TIMSS study.  Nor is our incredibly high cost of education. The most shocking aspect is the very low percentage of American students who correctly answered some very simple geometry and physics questions.   Only 18.9% of American students answered the geometry question and only 12% answered the physics question correctly (or "at least partially correctly" per the NCES).

Who answered these simple questions correctly "or at least partially correctly", and who didn't? The difference between TIMSS scores of different countries and the percent of students in those countries who answered the questions correctly gives us a clue, since a score of 540 corresponds to 60% of students getting this question correct, and a score of 470 corresponds to 20% getting it correct.  A very rough linear projection shows a score of 440 corresponds to 0% getting it correct where American girls scored 426. (Thanks to Bob LeChevalier for providing the exact data).

Is this how feminism, the "right to commit adultery", that utterly stupid Betty Friedan, the equally stupid and ugly Susan B. Anthony, and the Nineteenth Amendment, benefited the American woman? Is this the very best that they have to offer the nation?

Professor John Lott of the Law School at the University of Chicago details how women's suffrage resulted in a doubling or tripling in government spending, with little return on that "investment". If so few   American women are able to grasp a simple geometry question, by what stretch of the imagination should responsible men assume that they can grasp the more complex Constitutional principles which were the foundation of our national success?  wpe1.gif (6872 bytes)If so few understand geometry, then how could they possibly understand the principles behind free enterprise well enough to uphold them?  How can we possibly expect voters who can't answer this geometry question to understand the importance of the Second Amendment right to bear arms which we inherited from our Forefathers?  These low average math skills explain why three quarters of American women voters are demanding "gun control" which is clearly in violation of the Second Amendment.

The damages due to women voters is a far bigger threat to national security than Kosovo.

The Nineteenth Amendment must be repealed.

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