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Men on average, versus women on average, are:


  1. Seven percent taller.

  2. Twice as strong.

  3. Fifty percent heavier.

  4. Endowed with 3 1/2 billion more brain cells (22.8 billion vs. 19.3 billion).

  5. Twice as likely to believe men are more intelligent than women.

  6. Forty seven points (18.5%) higher scoring in SAT Math Exams.

  7. Seven percent higher scoring in SAT Verbal Exams.

  8. One hundred points (42%) higher scoring in Graduate Record Exams.

  9. Twenty two points higher scoring in Numbers & Equations. Exams.

  10. Four fold more productive in business.

  11. Forty two points higher scoring in Calculus Exams.

  12. Thirty one points higher scoring in Geometry Exams.

  13. Thirty four points higher scoring in Physics Exams.

  14. Fifty three points higher scoring in Mechanics Exams.

  15. Twenty one points higher scoring in Electricity & Magnetism Exams.

  16. Six points higher scoring in Heat Exams.

  17. Eighteen points higher scoring Wave Phenomena Exams.

  18. Twenty points higher scoring in Modern Physics Exams.

  19. Thirty one points higher scoring in Advanced Math Exams.

  20. Twenty three points higher scoring in General Science Exams.

  21. Eleven points higher scoring in General Math Exams.

  22. Forty percent higher scoring in hand/eye coordination contests like Olympic Platform Diving.

  23. Twelve percent faster in track.

  24. More emotionally stable.

  25. Forty two precent greater income earners overall.

  26. Sixty seven percent greater income earners in sales positions.

  27. Responsible for 90% of average family incomes (California Senate Task Force on Family Equity).

  28. More than one hundred percent of IRS Personal Income Tax Payees.

  29. Less than 10% of federal social/welfare beneficiaries.

  30. Ninety four percent of the prison population.

  31. Perpetrators of less than half of serious crimes.

  32. 94% of child support collection efforts.

  33. Pay more and are twice as likely to pay the "child support" ordered.

  34. Acquitted one ninth as often for the same crime.

  35. Sentenced 3 times as long for the same crime.

  36. Less than 1% of harassment and discrimination lawsuits against their employers.

  37. Recipients of less than 10% of “family leave benefits”.

  38. Expected to live seven years shorter.

  39. One third of Social Security recipients.

  40. Eighty percent of murder victims, with no “Violence Against Men Act” to protect them.

  41. Sixty percent of violent crime victims.

  42. Five times more likely to commit suicide.

  43. Sole initiators of 27% of domestic violence.

  44. Perpetrators of 46% of “severe” domestic violence.

  45. One fourth as likely to file for divorce.

  46. Custodial parents of less than 4% of children of divorce.

  47. One eighth as likely to kill their children.

  48. One eighth as likely to abuse their children.

  49. Holders of less than 35% of the nation’s wealth (Fortune Magazine).

  50. Systemically discriminated against by law through affirmative action.

  51. Forty seven percent of the nation's voters.

  52. Ninety seven percent of “Noted American Cartoonists”.

  53. Ninety seven percent of “Noted Business Leaders, Industrialists, & Philanthropists”.

  54. Seventy eight percent of “Noted Personalities”.

  55. Eighty six percent of winners of “The Springdarn Medal” by the NAACP.

  56. Ninety nine percent of “National Inventors’ Hall of Fame”.

  57. Eighty five percent of Computer Science Doctorates.

  58. Ninety nine point nine percent of America’s 524,732 battle deaths.

  59. One hundred percent  of “National Aviation Hall of Fame”.

  60. One hundred percent  of “National Baseball Hall of Fame”.

  61. One hundred percent  of “College Football Hall of Fame”.

  62. One hundred percent  of “Pro Football Hall of Fame”.

  63. One hundred percent  of “National Basketball Association Champions”.

  64. One hundred percent  of “National Hockey League Yearly Trophy Winners”.

  65. One hundred percent  of “American Bowling Congress Champions”.

  66. One hundred percent  of “World Boxing Title Holders”.

  67. One hundred percent  of “World Wrestling Championships”.

  68. One hundred percent  of “Kentucky Derby Winners”.

  69. One hundred percent  of “Tour de France Winners”.

  70. One hundred percent  of “Harness Racing Records”.

  71. One hundred percent  of “Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Winners”.

  72. One hundred percent  of “US Open Championships” in golf.

  73. One hundred percent  of “Indianapolis 500” auto racing winners.

  74. One hundred percent  of “World Gran Prix Driver Champions”.

  75. One hundred percent  of “America’s Cup Record” in yachting.

  76. One hundred percent  of “World Champions in Chess”.

  77. One hundred percent  of “US Champions in Chess”.

  78. One hundred (oops, 98.8) percent  of Fortune 500 Corporations’ CEOs.

  79. One hundred percent of US presidents.

  80. One hundred percent of the authors of constitutions.

  81. One hundred percent of the original disciples of world religions.

  82. One hundred percent  of “Poets Laureate of England”.

  83. One hundred percent  of “Enrico Fermi Award Winners”.

  84. One hundred (oops, ninety five percent) of “Templeton Foundation Prize for Progress in Religion”.

  85. Ninety percent of “Bollingen Prize in Poetry Winners”.

  86. Ninety nine point seven percent of “Nobel Prize in Physics” winners.

  87. Ninety nine percent of “Nobel Prize in Chemistry” winners.

  88. Ninety six percent of “Nobel Prize for Medicine” winners*.

  89. One hundred percent  of “Nobel Prize for Economic Science” winners.

  90. Ninety eight (oops, ninety three, oops ninety) percent of “Nobel Prize in Literature” winners.

  91. Ninety five percent of “Nobel Peace Prize” winners.

  92. One hundred percent  of “Pulitzer Prize for News Photography” winners.

  93. Ninety six percent of “Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting” winnners.

  94. One hundred percent  of Navy SEALS.

*Awarded while affirmative action was still law.

Corrected by Scott lefaive <[email protected]> who won a Dewey Button for Accuracy on October 2, 2000.

Correction corrected by AaKoo <[email protected]> who won a Dewey Button for Accuracy on October 3, 2000.

Correction by Joni Rathbun <[email protected]> who won a Dewey Button for Accuracy on August 29, 2002.

Correction by Joni Rathbun <[email protected]> who won a Dewey Button for Accuracy on September 1, 2002.


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