Discrimination by Justice

How government "statisticians" promote anti-male stereotyping.



Women are 16% more likely than men to use a knife.


Women are twice as likely as men to use a gun.


Women are twice as likely as men to use a contract killing.


Mothers are three times more likely than fathers to kill their own children.


Men are murdered at a rate four times that of women.


Men commit suicide at a rate five times that of women.


American men are accused of rape at a rate 135 times greater than Greek men and 231 times greater than Japanese men.


One third of American men accused, tried, convicted, and in prison for rape don't match the DNA from the "crime scene".


Juries acquit women 5 times as often as they acquit men.


Once convicted, men are 16% more likely than women to be sentenced to prison.


Once sentenced, men receive prison sentences 3 times longer than women for the same crime.


Each one percent increase in female judges put 61,000 extra men in prison, led to 390 extra murders each year, and produced 270 fewer resolved murders each year.


If women achieved "equality" in justice, there would be 500,000 more American women than men in prison.


The very same justice system which is prosecuting MEN for "discrimination against women" is conducting this heinous systemic anti-male discrimination.



The vast majority of women oppose the feminist demand for "equality".  It is sexist, arrogant, a violation of God's law, and an insult to a man for a woman to claim to be "equal" to him.  It's equivalent to her claiming that he is a woman, and ignores the obvious differences between men and women established by God, differences bigger than those between cats and dogs, tractor trailers and roller skates, mountains and valleys, hot and cold.  The more she claims "equality" the more she proves the vast differences, that men and women are opposite poles of a magnet.  Imagine a man claiming to be "equal" to a woman--it would be like a wrestler claiming to be a babysitter, a physicist claiming to be a kindergarten teacher, a warrior claiming to be a secretary.  The mere fact that women make such claims and men don't is proof in itself in a hugh difference in physiology.


This isn't just psychobabble by women.  The first time in a century that women had a chance to speak out about "equality" was when two thirds of the women voters in California voted for Proposition 209 to end affirmative action [read: the feminist definition of "equality"].  Why would women vote in bigger numbers than men to outlaw a federally sponsored catastropohe which allegedly helped women?  Because feminism is a big fat lie and two thirds of American women know it already, and do not want any more of it.


Do women really want to be "equal" to men, or is this just feminist mantra learned in school or on TV or in the feminized newspapers or magazines?  Do women really want men to falsely claim that women perpetrate the majority of domestic violence, just as women now falsely claim that men do?  All credible studies show that women initiate 60% of domestic violence but the Violence Against Women Act ignores those studies and denies men any and all Constitutional rights.  Is that what women want men to do?


Do women really want men to be filing more than 90% of all child abuse charges, 97% of which are known to be false, just as women do?  Do women as a group really want to face three million false allegations of child abuse each year, filed against them by men trying to be like women?


Do women really want men to file nine false allegations of rape out of every ten, just as women do?  90,000 out of 105,000 rape accusations filed each year by women against men are false.  Do women really want one out of every three women who were convicted of a crime to be innocent of that crime, just as women do?  The FBI studied the evidence from rape scenes and proved that one third of men in prison didn't even match the DNA evidence from the crime scene.


Do women really want 70% of their husbands to commit adultery within 5 years of marriage, as women do?  Per Shere Hite, 70% of American women commit adultery within 5 years of marriage, making a fraud out of their vow to God, their promise to honor and obey their husbands, and their contract with the state.


Do women really want their husbands to act like them, to get pregnant outside of marriage and conceive and give birth to children who aren't even genetically linked to them, just as women do?  Barbara Rothman in Marriage and Family notes that one out of five children born within families don't match the DNA of the husband.  Do women really want to be saddled with the emotional and financial costs of raising a child which isn't even theirs, just as men are?




Do women really want men to commit 19 out of 20 cases of child sexual abuse, just as women?


Do women really want men to be responsible for four out of five child fatalities, just as women are?  NIS-3 shows that women are the perpetrators of four out of five fatal child abuse cases.  Do women really want to see so much more child abuse that men become four out five murderers of children?

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Husbands are convicted more frequently than wives for killing their spouses, according to a Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) study released today. Wives more often were acting in self-defense, the report said.

In a sample of homicide cases in 75 of the nation's most populous counties, state court judges or juries during 1988 acquitted 6 percent of the husband defendants, compared to 31 percent of the wife defendants. Jury trials ended in acquittal for 27 percent of wives, but none of the husbands.

Moreover, convicted husbands were more likely to receive a term of imprisonment (94 percent of the husbands vs. 81 percent of the wives), and the average prison sentence for husbands was much longer--16� years for husbands vs. 6 years for wives.

Among the defendants in the study, 59 percent were husbands and 41 percent were wives, including common-law and separated spouses, but not divorced couples.

In 44 percent of wife defendant cases, there was evidence the husband had assaulted the wife at the time of the killing. In 10 percent of husband defendant cases, evidence was present that the wife had assaulted the husband prior to the killing.

Assaulted wives were convicted (by either guilty plea or trial verdict) 56 percent of the time. The comparable conviction rate for unprovoked wives was 86 percent; for unprovoked husbands, 87 percent.

"In many instances in which wives were charged with killing their husbands, the husband had assaulted the wife, and the wife then killed in self-defense," noted one of the report's authors, Patrick A. Langan, Senior Statistician at BJS. "That might explain why wives had a lower conviction rate than did husbands."

Fifty-one percent of the husbands charged with murdering their wives were black, 45 percent were white. Sixty-one percent of the women charged with murdering their spouses were black, 39 percent were white. In 97 percent of the spouse murders, both spouses were the same race.

The likelihood of a conviction and of a prison sentence if convicted were about the same for defendants of different races. Seventy-eight percent of white defendants and 80 percent of black defendants were convicted. Among convicted defendants, 93 percent of whites and 88 percent of blacks were sentenced to prison.

The arrest charge in over two-thirds of the cases was first-degree murder, but in over half the convictions, the offense was negligent or non-negligent manslaughter.

About 66 percent of the husbands who killed their wives had been drinking, compared to 37 percent of the wives. Twenty-two percent of the husband defendants had been using drugs, compared to 3 percent of the wife defendants.

Eleven percent of the husbands who killed their wives had a history of mental illness, compared to 15 percent of the female defendants.

Fifty percent of the husbands used a firearm, compared to 58 percent of the wives. Nineteen percent of the husbands used a knife, compared to 37 percent of the wives.

Three percent of the husbands and 6 percent of the wives were charged with contract killings.

Of all the spouse murders sampled and disposed of for this study, 13 percent were not prosecuted, 43 percent were concluded with guilty pleas, 37 ended in trial convictions and 7 percent resulted in acquittals.

Thirty percent of the wives and 13 percent of the husbands either were not prosecuted or were found not guilty after being tried.

The study, "Spouse Murder Defendants in Large Urban Counties" (NCJ-153256), was based upon a systematic sample of cases disposed of during 1988 in the 75 most populous counties, which account for a little more than half of murders in the nation's 3,100 counties. Consequently, survey results summarized in this report are from the courts where the majority of the nation's murder trials are held. This case processing study is the most geographically comprehensive study on the topic.

"Although the survey covers murder cases processed seven years ago," Langan noted, "BJS knows from long experience with surveying courts that changes in case processing are quite gradual. The report's results are, therefore, likely to be applicable today."


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