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Paltalk: This is a G rated voice group intended for a General Audience including minors. Offensive language is not permitted. To speak, hold the ctrl key down.


Welcome Msg: A mamzer shall not enter into a meeting of the Lord's holy people, even to the tenth generation shall he not enter into a meeting of the Lord's holy people, Deuteronomy 23:2

Khe1tic: okay that worked

Khe1tic: I dont have a mic yet

Khe1tic: yes

Khe1tic: but I'm playing a game of literati

Khe1tic: lolol

Khe1tic: sorry

Khe1tic: yes its a pain

Khe1tic: not much here

Khe1tic: Anne here

MalkyEL777: I am Nancy

Khe1tic: Inice to meet you nancy

MalkyEL777: nice to meet you anne

Khe1tic: Russia?

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Khe1tic: just a stab in the dark

Khe1tic: lol

Khe1tic: where John?

Khe1tic: probably

Khe1tic: yes come up and say hello anyway nancy

Khe1tic: which one John?

mamzerhammer: hey, honky

Khe1tic: hi honky

gitchagumme: sethy :-))

mamzerhammer: <>



HonkyCracker: you know mamzer


HonkyCracker: all you need is any greek MS


MalkyEL777: I have it front of me anyway

HonkyCracker: use textus receptus, or even wescott & hort


MalkyEL777: the greek

MalkyEL777: hi seth

HonkyCracker: good


HonkyCracker: Luke 23:34


HonkyCracker: if it aint correct i jus wanna know


MalkyEL777: not a friend, sorry

HonkyCracker: what makes it


HonkyCracker: that the "no"


HonkyCracker: has to be associated with the "know"


Va1erie: hi john ::waves::

MalkyEL777: I think that some liberty is being taken with the text

HonkyCracker: yea so do i


HonkyCracker: considering it reads (in order)


HonkyCracker: "forgive them not because"


HonkyCracker: so why should "Not" be associated with "know"


HonkyCracker: and not "forgive"


mamzerhammer: Luk 23:34 <> Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

MalkyEL777: obviously, those with a working knowledge of the greek have translated it has Father forgive them, so I would believe that is correct

HonkyCracker: so basically malky


HonkyCracker: you dont know greek?


HonkyCracker: and your relying on other past translators


MalkyEL777: no I do not

HonkyCracker: ok


MalkyEL777: yes

HonkyCracker: the past translators were jews


HonkyCracker: so why would they properly translate the part


HonkyCracker: where jesus condemns his murderers (jews)


HonkyCracker: yes i can give you the decclensions


HonkyCracker: you have to learn a very MINIMUM amount of understanding


MalkyEL777: the translation I have was not done by a Jew

HonkyCracker: of the decclensions


HonkyCracker: malky


HonkyCracker: the fact is


HonkyCracker: modern translations


HonkyCracker: have gone in the SAME steps


HonkyCracker: as the older ones


HonkyCracker: its too balsy


HonkyCracker: to translate THAT verse properly


HonkyCracker: the fact is in greek


Va1erie: gijonesies?

Va1erie: lol

HonkyCracker: you


MalkyEL777: who is the one translating it differently

HonkyCracker: IN GREEK


MalkyEL777: is it one of you guys?

HonkyCracker: you can switch the words around YES


HonkyCracker: but............


HonkyCracker: in this verse


HonkyCracker: theres no reason


HonkyCracker: why i should


HonkyCracker: take not out


HonkyCracker: and put it after "know"


HonkyCracker: its "forgive not"


HonkyCracker: not......... "know not"


MalkyEL777: are you the greek linguist, honky?

HonkyCracker: i can read it


HonkyCracker: you have the textu there.


HonkyCracker: explain to me why "not"


MalkyEL777: do you have a degree in greek?

HonkyCracker: should be moved after "them" to "know"


HonkyCracker: no i dont have a degree


HonkyCracker: ive learned my own


MalkyEL777: then why do you think you know more than someone who does?

MalkyEL777: you've learned it on your own?

HonkyCracker: well malky im not about to defend myself


HonkyCracker: because you cant judge me


HonkyCracker: thats for sure heh


HonkyCracker: the koine greek reads


MalkyEL777: just as you are judging others degrees

HonkyCracker: "father.........forgive ........ them.......... not ........because........... they-know.........what they-do


Va1erie: malky.....honky is extremely educated

HonkyCracker: and there is no reason


Va1erie: all we can say is

Va1erie: check it out for yourself

HonkyCracker: why "not" should be associated with "they-know"


Va1erie: look into what he is say

Va1erie: saying

Va1erie: and you will see

HonkyCracker: the FACT is


HonkyCracker: that modern translations


HonkyCracker: would NEVER


HonkyCracker: properly translate this


HonkyCracker: because it would condemn their work from selling


HonkyCracker: the jews would see to that


HonkyCracker: hehe


HonkyCracker: i was reading this Interlinear bible


HonkyCracker: and you know what it said? hehe


Khe1tic: Eric Zundel

MalkyEL777: for one thing it reverses what Jesus taught

HonkyCracker: "Father, forgive them; not, for they know what they do."


HonkyCracker: lol...........


Khe1tic: ernst...oops

HonkyCracker: can you believe that


HonkyCracker: my interlinear says


HonkyCracker: "Father, forgive them; not, for they know what they do."


gitchagumme: THE DELUSIONAL aspect in also RIGHT IN OUR FATHERS WORD....................THIS DAY

gitchagumme: they've perverted what sets on the counter top, saying HOLY BIBLE

HonkyCracker: this is a Bible Teaching room


Khe1tic: not at all

Khe1tic: boot?

gitchagumme: We follow Only Fathers Word

gitchagumme: Nope

gitchagumme: Not by my standards

gitchagumme: We dont sugar coat Fathers Word FOR ANYBODY

Va1erie: SWORD you have a distinct attitude in your voice

Va1erie: get outta here

Khe1tic: are you a sword?

Khe1tic: are you dangerous?

gitchagumme: I feel My Spirit stating to me that ALL WHICH COME OUT OF THE LIES OF THE ZIONIST RUN, MAIN STREAM SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN CHURCHES THIS DAY, can then have a chace to be Tested

HonkyCracker: "Honkey" is a lowly term


HonkyCracker: its not "supremist"


HonkyCracker: its lowly


gitchagumme: And then become a part of fathers Eternity

gitchagumme: HE IS THE JUDGE

Va1erie: khe2tic red dot him

HonkyCracker: are the african american sections


HonkyCracker: black supremists?


gitchagumme: Read what I put on the screen

gitchagumme: I wont Red-dot you til FATHER tells me to Red-Dot You

gitchagumme: then when Father and my Darling decide to, Ones will be bounced

Khe1tic: lol

Khe1tic: okay I'm here now

HonkyCracker: yes


HonkyCracker: the decclensions


HonkyCracker: theres no reason why


HonkyCracker: "not"


HonkyCracker: NEEDS to be associated


HonkyCracker: with "know"


HonkyCracker: so we SHOULD


HonkyCracker: take the word-order

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HonkyCracker: and yes,


HonkyCracker: there are other places


HonkyCracker: ill have to work on it


HonkyCracker: give you examples


Khe1tic: Hey GG

Gospel-Guerilla: hello

Gospel-Guerilla: well ty

Gospel-Guerilla: amen

Khe1tic: have a good chrissy GG ?

Gospel-Guerilla: good yup..boxing day here

gitchagumme: Father brought us everything we wanted

Khe1tic: they dont call it that here GG

Gospel-Guerilla: hey gitct

gitchagumme: Still feeling the calm, and the animals in the woods seem to be having a blast

Gospel-Guerilla: yup

gitchagumme: Hey there G.G., is me, and Kheltic is Anne

Gospel-Guerilla: yep

gitchagumme: yes

Gospel-Guerilla: ok

mamzerhammer: Luk 23:34 <> Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

gitchagumme: Hello Cath


Gospel-Guerilla: forgive them not

HonkyCracker: thats the actual greek order


Gospel-Guerilla: I am onto that

HonkyCracker: forgive them not because.........


gitchagumme: yes right, and these are of those WHO WILL BE OF THE ONES, Which are of the dead which live not til the Thousand Years Are Finished

Gospel-Guerilla: contradiction of terms

HonkyCracker: theres nothing to crack


HonkyCracker: thats the order


USA-is-ISRAEL: good

Khe1tic: hi USA

HonkyCracker: of the greek words


mamzerhammer: Luk 23:34 <> Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.


HonkyCracker: lol. yes


HonkyCracker: all you have to do


HonkyCracker: is click on the C


HonkyCracker: the lil C icon


HonkyCracker: thats concordance


HonkyCracker: go to Luke 23:34


HonkyCracker: and click on the lil C


HonkyCracker: and that takes you to the MSS


HonkyCracker: the 2 listed right now


HonkyCracker: are Textus Receptus, and the newer Wescott & Hort


USA-is-ISRAEL: lol I am all eyes lol

HonkyCracker: not the Tables


HonkyCracker: follow the SCROLLS


Khe1tic: FifthRebbi has been bounced from the group


HonkyCracker: its just a basic


HonkyCracker: outline


HonkyCracker: with 2 Greek MSS


HonkyCracker: i have 16 dif greek ones



HonkyCracker: Luke 23:34


HonkyCracker: click on the concordance information


HonkyCracker: look at the Textus Receptus, or the Wescott & Hort (at the bottom)


HonkyCracker: forgive - them - not - because


HonkyCracker: thats the word order


HonkyCracker: and i find no reason


HonkyCracker: why "Not" has to be moved


USA-is-ISRAEL: interesting

HonkyCracker: yes


HonkyCracker: ask them


HonkyCracker: ask them WHY


HonkyCracker: all the translators


HonkyCracker: assciate "not" with "they-know"


USA-is-ISRAEL: very huge

HonkyCracker: you wanna know something funny John??


MalkyEL777: which is what Jesus taught

HonkyCracker: i was lookin in my interlineare english-greek


HonkyCracker: and it said


HonkyCracker: "Father, forgive them; not, for they know what they do."


HonkyCracker: hehehe


MalkyEL777: you cannot dismiss His teaching

HonkyCracker: you see


HonkyCracker: they add the semicolon


HonkyCracker: in an attempt to make "Forgive them not"


HonkyCracker: sound nicer


HonkyCracker: lol.


RockSolid1963: I don't know yet

Va1erie: malky if you want to go on believing what you've been taught...and just accept it w/out looking into it....that's your prerogative

USA-is-ISRAEL: malky...... what teachings are you refering to?

Va1erie: but you have been forewarned

Va1erie: and will be held accountable

USA-is-ISRAEL: hello val

Va1erie: if you happen to be wrong

HonkyCracker: certain greek MSS actually dont have that portion in there


HonkyCracker: that means


HonkyCracker: either it was added


HonkyCracker: or the jews


HonkyCracker: took it oout


HonkyCracker: because it was so damning


MalkyEL777: added - now you say it was added?

MalkyEL777: so exactly what parts of the Bible are valid, inspired, infallible?

HonkyCracker: the jews would have done it


HonkyCracker: because its so damning.


USA-is-ISRAEL: there are missing books too

USA-is-ISRAEL: or should I say ...lost

MalkyEL777: God promised to perserve His Word - you are saying He failed

HonkyCracker: lol malky


HonkyCracker: give it up


HonkyCracker: maybe our work right now


HonkyCracker: is preserving it


HonkyCracker: jesus' last words on the stake


HonkyCracker: he quoted


HonkyCracker: all of ps 22


MalkyEL777: then you are saying we do not have God's Word

MalkyEL777: you are saying then, that satan has more control than God to preserve His Word

Paltalk: ===================================

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gitchagumme: Fathers Word is Not perverted for Those Who Love Him

gitchagumme: And then grow in His Faith and understanding of the Holy Spirit

Va1erie: malky

Va1erie: God's word is found in the MSS

Va1erie: there are many translations

gitchagumme: The King James Original Bible comes with a Warning letter at the face of it

Va1erie: even the translators

Va1erie: warned us

Va1erie: that they may

Va1erie: have made mistakes

gitchagumme: It was Put there by the Translators themselves

Va1erie: and not to take what they say for granted

HonkyCracker: yes


HonkyCracker: the preface


gitchagumme: If you'd like a copy of this letter we can send you one

HonkyCracker: of course


HonkyCracker: i have it in original preface


gitchagumme: All of the laws which have been written Since 1970 IS A MUST READ

HonkyCracker: and translated to modbern english


gitchagumme: As it proves that they are stripping us from every right that we have this day

gitchagumme: Everything is lining up perfectly as the Father Has In His Will


ephraim13: ok

Gospel-Guerilla: I got disconnected

learner 2-1-1: Peace be to you John .

mamzerhammer: Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Gospel-Guerilla: merry boxing day :}

gitchagumme: All HIS CHILDREN, and His little things are Still having a very Beautiful Day

gitchagumme: Just as it is written

HonkyCracker: this is not


HonkyCracker: judeo-british israelism


HonkyCracker: lol.


HonkyCracker: judeo-british israelism is a curse


Gospel-Guerilla: forgive them not, for they know what they do


Gospel-Guerilla: I woke up to that a while ago mamz

HonkyCracker: lol.


HonkyCracker: luke 23:34


Va1erie: 23

mamzerhammer: 23:34

mamzerhammer: sorry

mamzerhammer: think I said 33

Deborah9194: hello learner

HonkyCracker: father, forgive them not; for they know what they do.


HonkyCracker: them = jews


Gospel-Guerilla: it came to me

HonkyCracker: the political house of judah


HonkyCracker: was destroyed


HonkyCracker: its revived in europe


HonkyCracker: 750 years before christ


HonkyCracker: the jews


HonkyCracker: and their race


gitchagumme: that'll be the phone Reg

HonkyCracker: was defiled beyond compare


HonkyCracker: and condemned to hell


HonkyCracker: 2000 years ago


Gospel-Guerilla: it was

Gospel-Guerilla: for my son

gitchagumme: hehehe

Gospel-Guerilla: after all Jesus refers to them as vipers..why forgive them....biblical logic!

HonkyCracker: Luke 23:34


HonkyCracker: in the greek mss


Gospel-Guerilla: I have tc

HonkyCracker: Textus Receptus


HonkyCracker: and BELOW the Wescott & Hort


HonkyCracker: thats exactly how it reads


HonkyCracker: Father, forgive them not; for they-know what they-do



Va1erie: they knew EXACTLY what they were doing

Gospel-Guerilla: I qhestioned the church

Va1erie: because Jesus knew who they were

ephraim13: have to run

Va1erie: and threatened their merchandizing

ephraim13: GOD BLESS

Va1erie: and therefore they sought to kill him

Gospel-Guerilla: I questioned God

Gospel-Guerilla: and i was told not to question God by church I wanted to know why I should not question him

Gospel-Guerilla: I began to look under rocks

gitchagumme: Luke 23:34, totally contradicts his earlier statement made to the same people......Mat 23:33 [Ye] serpents, [ye] generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

gitchagumme: hope a redback doesn't bite you on the nose

gitchagumme: hehehe

gitchagumme: spider

HonkyCracker: it also contradicts


HonkyCracker: Genesis 3:15


Gospel-Guerilla: redback

gitchagumme: spider

Gospel-Guerilla: redback on the toilet seat

Gospel-Guerilla: a black spider with a red mark on their back

Gospel-Guerilla: the female

Gospel-Guerilla: member of the black widdow family

Va1erie: <---drives an MR2 spider hehee

mamzerhammer: black widow

gitchagumme: when I was there last night ...I didn't see him in the dark , but boy! I felt his

mamzerhammer: heh, val

Va1erie: they have a red spot on their belly

Gospel-Guerilla: ho ho ho val

gitchagumme: Luk 3:7 Then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

Va1erie: lol

gitchagumme: I think not hammer

gitchagumme: they knew EXACTLY what they were doing


HonkyCracker: they KNOW what they are doing


HonkyCracker: thats what the greek says


HonkyCracker: for they-know what they-do



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