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Brought to you by three decades of STUPID women "lawyers"

The evidence that American women file more false allegations against men for rape and sexual assault is more credible and better documented than the evidence which convicted as many as a million innocent men

If the data on this page is correct, in just one year, 51,431 women nationwide filed rape charges against men which are known to be false, while 15,562 men were CONVICTED of rape. 

How many women were CONVICTED for equally felonious behavior? Zero, even though it is probable that as many as 87,000 of 92,000 charges of rape are false!

This is why 87,303 of 92,490 or 95% of allegations of rape in the US in 1991 have a high likelihood of being false



Aleck J. Carpitcher still in prison: "With one exception, there is nothing anyone can do. Because the girl's recantation came after the 21-day limit, no judge, jury or appellate court is allowed to consider the new evidence. Only the governor can intervene by granting a pardon. Such moves are rare, and usually come only after lengthy investigations."

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  11. LIAR Cathie Fordham falsely imprisons Jamie Nelson for 7 years.
  12. "Father" of three not genetically linked to his children.
  13. Raymond Santana, 14, Kevin Richardson, 14, Antron McCray, 15, Kharey Wise, 16, and Yusef Salaam, 15, spent five years in prison before DNA proved their innocence.
  14. Joe Salvati: "guilty" for 32 years.
  15. Kerry Kotler is Innocent--Thanks Only to  DNA Evidence.
  16. Darren Powell proven innocent after TWENTY YEARS in prison!
  17. Jamie Nelson falsely imprisoned for three years based on one LIE from LIAR Fordham.
  18. Vincent H. Jenkins cleared by DNA evidence--seventeen years too late.
  19. Ruben Montalvo freed after 13 years of false imprisonment.
  20. Enoch Jerry Jarrett gets one year in jail for never touching his "victim".
  21. DNA evidence saves James E. Baker from false allegations of rape.
  22. 12 executed, 12 freed in Illinois.
  23. Richard McClure falsely imprisoned for one year.
  24. Feminists want 73% of women who "did not think they had been raped"  to be classified as rape victims.
  25. Justice system refuses to release men in prison after DNA proves their innocence.
  26. Jeffrey Modahl falsely convicted and serves 15 years in Bakersfield Witch Hunt.
  27. Larry Ollins and two others freed after FIFTEEN YEARS of false imprisonment.
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  4. The FBI who was shut down when they were prohibited from LYING!
  5. Police who knew Nina Shahravan filed false rape charges against Dallas Cowboys and didn't prosecute her.
  6. Iowa Co-ed who LIED to police about being raped.
  7. Bruce McLaughlin imprisoned on false child abuse charge.
  8. LIAR Natalie Knighting gets only 6 months in jail, while Kevin Greene spent 17 years in prison for "raping" his own WIFE, until DNA evidence cleared him of all charges.
  9. wpe6.gif (3819 bytes) who gets promoted for falsely imprisoning John Willis for 9 years in a Chicago Prison before being cleared by DNA evidence!
  10. The feminazis who trivialize  "Rape".
  11. False Feminist Accusers of All Kinds.
  12. Sponsors of the "Spousal Rape" laws.
  13. The moral minor feminazis who confuse the issue with children as witnesses.
  14. Sponsors of "Rape Shield Laws" like the ones which were ruled unconstitutional in Canada.
  15. "Rape Shield Laws" upheld in Tennessee.
  16. "Rape Shield Laws" enable women to file miltiple false allegations of rape without even being questioned about them.
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  18. Are false allegations against men the reason we have one of the World's Highest Murder Rates?
  19. Julie Romig who was charged with filing false rape report.
  20. The unnamed rape LIAR who was jailed for only one year, a sentence less than a tenth of what her victim would have received if he'd been falsely convicted.
  21. The women who LIE who need to be Milroysloaned. 
  22. Public enemy number one is Betty D. Montgomery who had "complete confidence" in the state's convictions of those on death row even though half the convictions in her state were proven by DNA evidence to be FALSE.


A) From "Felony sentences in State Courts, 1988" by Patrick A. Langan Ph.D and John M. Dawson -- Bureau of Justice Statistics of the US Department of Justice:

  Number Reported
Adult arrests  
Felony convictions Incarceration Prison
Murder 20,680 19,523 9,340 8,858 8,459
Rape 92,490 33,027 15,562 13,538 10,737
Robbery 542,970 116,510 37,432 32,967 27,694


Rape here is defined as forcible intercourse of any kind, including "forcible deviant behavior" "sodomy" and other crimes and does not include statutory rape or intercourse with someone factually or legally unable to give consent. Actual numbers are 1 conviction for 6 reports and 1 conviction for 3 arrests.  I am marginally worried about these statistics as I know that this definition differs from the FBI definition which requires intercourse with a female and the FBI uniform crime statistics seem to be quoted for number reported but I doubt that this escaped the BJS.

B)  Type of conviction

  Jury   Bench (judge) Guilty Plea
Murder 3,373 757 5,210
Rape 2,812 729 12,021
Robbery 3,169  1,788 32,139

The only set of tables in which this is strikingly not the case is the sex of the offender.  In both Murder and Robbery roughly 10% of the offenders are women, in rape only 1% are.  Rape is also extraordinary in that a larger fraction of the sentence is served, rather more than 1/3.

C) DNA EVIDENCE PROVES ONE THIRD NOT GUILTY -- Per Newsweek (Jan. 11, 1993, p. 64, Kevin Krajik) the FBI tested the DNA evidence of men ALREADY convicted of rape and serving time (based mostly on verbal testimony from victims) and found that in ONE THIRD OF THE CASES the DNA evidence from the crime scene did not match the person convicted.

D) "In the F.B.I.'s Behavioral Science Unit's study on False Allegations conducted in 1983 of 556 rape investigations, a total of 220 of these reported rapes turned out to be false. Over one fourth of these 556 turned out to be hoaxes. And yet, some femi nists and rape counselors claim that only two percent of rape reports are false. This 220 is only the number proven to be false. The actual number is higher.  Again facts are facts, no matter what rhetoric feminists or their allies try to concoct."

Of  92,490 rapes reported each year, there are 23,122 women who are admittedly guilty of lying, 23,122 women who are probably guilty of lying,  5,187 women whose testimony conflicts with scientific DNA testing, 5,187 men whose DNA does not match the evidence at the "crime" scene, 5,187 men whose DNA evidence did match but whose convictions must be reexamined because of the high rate of false convictions of those whose DNA did not match,  and 5,187 probably guilty men, .  The same standard of proof applied to women for filing known or suspect false police reports, as is applied to men for acts which are impossible to either prove or disprove as crimes, and imprisoning women at the same rate as men for equally as serious crimes, would result in five times as many women as men in prison each year -- 51,431 women versus 10,375 men.

Using this 'equality' criteria, we have PROOF that 51,431 women are felons, while we only suspect that 10,375 men are.  Yet 15,562 men were imprisoned -- and NOT a single woman was!   What does the most damage?  A "date rape" perceived by hysterical feminists be a "violation" of a woman's rights, or a genuine false rape accusation which destroys a man's reputation, costs societ billions of dollars in tax dollars, and results in thousands of fase imprisonments? Does an apparently unwanted act of sex damage a woman more than a blatantly false charge of rape does a man?  If a woman has no bruises or permanent physical injuries, and only believes she has been raped  because she applied the new "feminist logic", then the most she can claim is some unverifiable psychological damage, at best, and 99% of  the time she can get on with her life.  But 28,309 women were known to have damaged a man worse than she could have been damaged had all the charges been true.  The same standard of proof applied to women for filing false charges as is applied to men who are falsely convicted would reveal that 51,431 men are known to have been unnecessarily and permanently damaged by women.

The evidence is far from 'equal'.  More evidence exists of the damage done by 51,431 women than the evidence that was available to convict 15,562 men.  This evidence sits in police files while the police and the  district attorneys and the judges do nothing .  Charging and convicting possibly innocent men on such a massive scale while ignoring the role played by unscrupulous women encourages more of this behavior, trivializes the serious crime of rape, overburdens the 'system' with frivolous complaints, causes real rapes to be overlooked or ignored, and trivializes legitimate rape charges made by honest women.

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